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RssEnvironmental Engineer

technical field inspection. site remediation/clean-up. core grap samples and emergency response. spill response team member and haz/mat specialist. waste minimization, recycling, reducing, and reuse of items. Processing of hazardous waste and classification.

Environmental Engineer

Sacramento, CA

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Engineering & Architecture


Environmental Engineer

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Sacramento, CA

Work Experiences

3/2000 - /2003

Dept. of Navy


  • Inspector of (50) hazardous waste accumulation sites. Oversee waste accumulation and site management of all by-products for reuse or disposal. Perform outbrief meetings with site managers to prevent compliance violations. Write daily reports on quality control/site restoration projects. Inspect above ground tanks for corrosion, leaks, structual integrity. Oversee waste processing by contractors and civilian entity.

3/1997 - /2000

Dept. of Navy


  • Utilize hazardous material control system data base for monitoring, issuing, tracking, usage, and disposal of hazardous materials. I performed daily inspections of drums, tanks, accumulation sites, storage areas, containers, and less than 90 days sites. Write daily reports on methods of disposal and tracking. I was responsible for 1.3Million of water-base solvent cleaning machines and re-issuing.

11/1986 - /1997

Dept. of Navy

Entry Level

  • Bulk fuel oil transfer from ship to shore. diesel fuel marine, df-2, bunker c, jp-4,jp-5, unleaded gasoline. Operate and repair fuel generator pumps and transfer lines from pump house to storage tanks. Perform quality control utilizing bottom water sediment techniques. Inspection of tanks, fuel docks, plumbing, hoses, refueler trucks and pump transfer house. Perform daily quality control measure to prevent spills and ordering bulk fuel products.



Bachelor Degree

Columbia Southern University

  • Environmental Engineering