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I have never been employed and I think that everyone must start somewhere. If I'm never hired by anyone how am I supposed to get experience and move up in my career? I've had a job during school, which means I took a class that trained me to be a Cashier and Customer Service Associate. Instead of being paid for the job, I got a half of a credit. In my eyes that's more important than money, but now, I'm going to be a Senior in High School and I still have no job. I need to start learning responsibility and going into the real world instead of relying on my Dad to give me the money I want and need. That's why I want a job. I also want to a job that I'm going to be interested in. Any clothing store with my aged people looking in it and purchasing stuff would be the ideal job. I like to be able to relate to people and if I work in Lane Bryant or Maternity World I won't be able to relate to anyone.


Portland, OR

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