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Richard D. Boyd 209 N. Morrill St. Morrilton, AR. 72110 (501) 354-1809 or (501) 289-1168 OBJECTIVE Customer Service & Computer Systems Operator Actively seeking employment in the IT marketing field to benefit employer and clients in a mutually profitable environment with a talent for working cross-functionally and a commitment to advocacy for the purpose of increasing sales and service. Profile & Professional Accomplishments • Proficient with, Microsoft Windows, MS Office 07, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook 07, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access 2007 data storage, recovery and applications linking database technologies to marketing strategies. • I have the skill sets and knowledge of PC setup and installation, peripherals, data entry, and file updating and software installation, Networking and Hardware set-up. I am experienced in system-operations, training, collections, and customer service. • My JASPER™ is a type 5 and indicates that I am an Advocate when it comes to my overall work type.(see my profile on page 2) It is a combination of my most prominent work traits and is a good indicator of my work ethic, with a talent for working cross-functionally and a commitment to ADVOCATACY. Professional Accomplishments  AWAI – American Writers & Artists Institute – 2006 to Present- Professional Copywriter  Management Professional - I bring a sense of confidence, which can often be motivating and empowering for others, keeping the focus on the objective moving the project forward.  Sr.Copywriter - Direct Response Mailer & Email, Radio, Television, Advertising- Copywriter  Direct Sales – Professional sales rep. Successful in presentational and retail marketing sales.  Niche Marketing Specialists - B2B, Financial, Health Care Alternatives, and much more …  Resource Development - Business to Business Networking, Consulting, Management & Sales.  Public Speaking - Dynamic Communicator, Sales & Motivational Consultant. EMPLOYMENT 107 Open Market Sales – 2009 - Sales Manager for Derksen Portable Buildings, Coast-to-Coast Carports Distributorship in Morrilton AR. This company also offers consignment sales services, specializing in pre-owned farm, construction and industrial heavy equipment, open to anyone needing to sale assets no longer needed. Russell Cellular INC. – Alltel Wireless 2008. Authorized Alltel sales agent for the largest independent Alltel distributer in the US. Duties- sales marketing, customer service, direct mail marketing. Cat Claws INC. Morrilton, AR 2007. Manufacturing & Mail order Operation for Marketing Pet Cat toys and scratching pads. Duties include direct mail copywriting, catalog & content writing for the marketing website Featured product MAX Scratcher More at ICT Group Morrilton, AR. 2006- 2007. Call Center Reprehensive servicing Mortgage loan for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I worked with this company in Customer Service as a mortgage loan specialist. Taking inbound calls from customers using command based computer systems & applications. Chapman’s Marble, Morrilton, AR. 2000-2008 Marketing & Advertising Freelance Consultant My duties include web content writing, Ad copywriting, direct marketing, Direct response Copywriting. Morrilton Landfill, Morrilton AR. 1996- 2000 Master Level C Operator RDB Resources 21 Years of Professional Excellence -Copywriting & Marketing In the information IT marketing field working as a freelance contractor in Copywriting, Web-Content, marketing, consulting and public relations services. A culmination of my experience in business ad copywriting and marketing. I am experienced in the internet, ad copywriting and marketing. I started writing in college where I learned the art of persuasion. A true wordsmith, I have written successful business proposals that secured needed funding. Written grant proposals for both non-profit and commercial enterprises. I have written effective sales presentations in the direct marketing and Business-to-Business fields. My education runs the full gamete from a formal college education to sales training academies and the best training of all my life experiences. Page 1 Education Overview of College, Training Schools & Academies C1- Truck Driver Training- North Little Rock, AR.  CDL Training – With Combination Driving, Backing and Skills training. 2008 AWAI – American Writers & Artists Institute – Continuing ED  Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting- Master Copywriter & Design  Master Copywriter and Ad Design – Content Writer – Website Design 2006- Present Arkansas Environmental Academy, Camden AR.  Introduction to Solid Waste Landfill Operation (Level A)1996-1997  Journeyman Operator (Level B) 1997-1998  Master Operator (level C) 1999-2000 Certificate 1996 -1997 1998-1999 Master Level C Sales Training Academy, Denver, Co.  Direct Marketing & Presentation – Presentation Writer  Certificate- Master Copywriter – Direct Response Marketing & Advertising  Commission Sales Management – Mail order marketing Management 1990-1991 Certificate Columbia School of Broadcasting, Denver Co.  Radio Advertising Copy- Voice and Diction  Writing effective Ad Copy for Radio and Print 1990-1991 Certificate SIU Carbondale IL,  Advertising & Marketing Communications  Radio/ TV School of Film and Journalism 1984-1988 Richard D. Boyd 209 N. Morrill St. Morrilton, AR. 72110 Jasper ™ - Job Asset and Strengths Profile I am a Type 5 “ADVOCATE” when it comes to my overall work type and a combination of my most prominent work traits. My unique strengths are: • Innovative • Expressive • Communication • Independent These combinations of strengths are very unique, with only 9% of people being type 5 ADVOCATS. When it comes being a leader, my style is Innovative. I tend to be inventive and proactive in creating new ways for things to be done. When tasked with leading, I bring a sense of confidence, which can often be motivating and empowering for others. I am quite comfortable in my ability to brainstorm original ways for things to be more productive, and I am not afraid to take risks if it means finding a new, better way. I shine most in my ability to be an Innovative leader; and may stills exhibit qualities of other leadership styles. What's important to remember is that leadership style is a multi-faceted trait and one that may change and evolve as I advance in your company. Leadership styles I show:  Courageous – An above-average score in this leadership style indicates that I am a dynamic and brave person who embodies a sense of adventure and is comfortable taking risks. However, as a leader, my courage and risk taking is not done impulsively. Rather, I lead with responsibility and steady restraint.  Empowering - An above-average score in this leadership style indicates that I have the ability to be an encouraging and motivating person. These traits can produce a positive feeling in the team members and allow them to feel uplifted and empowered to reach their own goals and dreams. With my patience and talent for being instructive, I have the ability to be a great mentor.  Diplomatic - An above-average score in this leadership style indicates that I am patient and poised, exuding a sense of calm. As a leader, I have a relaxed disposition that can make others feel assured and safe in my presence. I have the ability to be tactful in my interactions with team members and take time to listen to their concerns and ideas. These are qualities that can be quite beneficial in many different facets of work. My Work Personality Work Personality measures the unique and distinct personality characteristics as they relate to work. How I interact with and respond to others and how I react to stress in a work environment. Because personality traits are innate, my work personality will be fairly consistent no matter where I will contribute. In this section, take a look at four different aspects of my personality. Expressive ☺ ← Introspective Deliberate ←☺ Spontaneous Rousing ☺→ Agreeable Composed ☺← Passionate Expressive -I am more expressive than Introspective when it comes to my interpersonal style. This means that I have an energetic aura about me, and perceived to be quite gregarious. I am open and outgoing and draw energy from my interactions with others. I enjoy working in collaboration with others rather than working alone Spontaneous - I’m more spontaneous than Deliberate when it comes to how I work toward my goals. This means I tend to push the envelope or suggest new ways of doing things, rather than following the rules every time. While occasionally impulsive, I have fresh ideas and able to break out of the mold, which is valuable for helping others think of new approaches. Rousing- I’m more rousing than Agreeable when it comes to how I interact with others at work. This means that you challenge the status quo, not only in coming up with new ideas but in also calling upon colleagues to think outside the box. Although I am known to push the envelope, I do so in a manner that is thought-provoking and beneficial to the company. My animated personality can make those around me feel energized. Page 2 Composed I am more Composed than Passionate when it comes to my emotional style and how I respond to stress. This means you have a calm temperament and function in a relaxed manner. I’m not one to become highly emotional about bothersome work issues but instead remain composed and collected. People can usually rely on me to bring a calming presence to very tense situations. Universal Skills Universal Skills are the abilities or skills that can easily be utilized within any type of work or job environment. While often refined and improved through my work experiences, my universal skills are also innate strengths that are core to possess regardless of the work situation. Communication Skills An articulate person and have received positive feedback from others on my writing ability and my skill speaking to groups. Regularly called on to present ideas to others, I have confidence and ability to convey thoughts and ideas in a clear and eloquent way. I am not one to get overly nervous when speaking to those in positions of authority. Instead, I get excited and energized when given an opportunity to display my skills. Remember, this Universal Skill is a talent that you can utilize in all work environments and one that assures value in most any job. You will continue to find that my Communication Skills are highly beneficial in whatever context you choose, not only to the Company but also to the client as well. Independent Work Style While I am quite effective working on a team, I feel much more productive when I have the freedom to do things independently. I enjoy working autonomously and feel that I’m more effective and productive as an individual than as a team member. I confident in my ability to come up with ideas without the help of others and trust in the quality of my work without feeling the need to have someone else review it. Even though I prefer autonomous work, it doesn't necessarily mean that I am an introvert or one who likes to be alone. In fact, it is quite the contrary. What is important to note is that my independent style is reflective of the fact that I believe I do my best work when I have the freedom to work on my own. My Questioning Work Style While I trust the decisions of my superiors, I feel better when I understand the reasons behind certain decisions. I am not comfortable simply accepting things at face value; rather, I prefer to critically assess others' decisions and offer my own opinions. Even though I see the value in questioning the rationale behind organizational decisions, that doesn't necessarily mean I question everything. Instead, I tend to be tactful and speak up only when I believe there could be real benefit from my input. As such, my colleagues and superiors likely appreciate my willingness to put myself out there on behalf of the organization. Values The concept of Values addresses the aspects of a job that are the most important to me. Values can be either tangible or abstract, but they are things from which I derive the most meaning and motivation. The value most important to me is Helping Others # 1 Work must serve a greater purpose than just the individual benefit I might gain from it. Instead, I have an altruistic outlook and want my work to benefit society in some way. It is important to me that my job helps make the world a better place and that I can help in some way. As a result, I also value the personal relationships I can foster in my work. Ultimately, I hope to be able to say that I contributed to society through my work, an achievement that will no doubt fill me with pride. My other values: 2 Security- high score indicates that Security is an important value. I want work to offer consistency and stability, with few unknowns popping up along the way. I am likely make decisions based on the hope that my job will be secure for some time to come. 3 Personal Growth- indicates that Personal Growth is an important value to me. Work should be one of the main ways you experience new and exciting challenges. More than just a job, I believe that work should provide the freedom to use my talents and the opportunity to find personal meaning. 4 Balance- Balance is an important value. Work should be flexible enough not to interfere with your personal life, and it should allow you some freedom to pursue outside interests. It's important for me not to be overworked or over-stressed. 5 Financial Success-that monetary rewards are important to me and motivating. While I am entirely driven by the prospect of financial success, I want to be paid adequately and ultimately hope to gain some financial security from my work. Contact: Richard D. Boyd – or (501) 354-1809 or (501) 289-1168 Thank You Page 2-a


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