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After working for 30 years as an RN, I have gained a wide range of experience in the medical field. Past 13 years I have work in a government hospital/ER for 10 years sharing responsibliblity as charge nurse, working codes, and teaching military medics prior to deployments. I supervised Sexual Assualt Examine Nurse/Forenic Nurse Examiner for several years. I asked by the govenor task force in the earlier 1990's,with writing the Protocal Sexual bylaws for the State North Carolina which was used in colleges, hospitals, clinics, etc.. The last 3 years while working for the government I was the only licensed RN and then as we grew became the head nurse of a Military Pain Clinic. Our clinic in the mility hospital served at the beginning about 150 soldier/vets.. Encouraging and giving hope when no hope was available. Amputation of legs/arms and the pain that is associated with injury. Assisted in O.R. with different procedure for pain management and assisted with implant of pain stimulator and work with them post surgery. This job requried working with patient and family emotional support and ensuring they get the care needed. Through out the years working with the government Jagg would call me and ask me to review chart and assist with preparing a case. I would do this on the side, take it home and work on it. Back in 1993, I had a small litigation business while raising my children.

Licensed Nurse

Pinehurst, NC

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Licensed Nurse

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Pinehurst, NC