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RssOnline Marketing Manager - CPC/CPM/CPA - Affiliate Management

To make it easy for online shoppers to get a everything they need where ever they need it. warrenties, returns, whatever is needed to make it real easy to keep my customers happy. I want to keep it real simple for everybody, with less time wasted getting stressed out on packing up all the kids to go shopping when I can set everyone up with whatever they need for the best available price through the deals I get with each company based on how much money I make them. I organize it all, simplify everything for everybody while saving both the business and the customer time and money. Everybody wins with less: stress, problems, wasted time, polution, traffic, and everything else that makes people not want to go shopping. why waste time doing that when you could be doing what you want, like showing your kids how to enjoy time doing whatever you want, with no wasted time stressing about things that don't have to waste any time or energy. Think of all the time and energy wasted on just getting what your family needs, or just doing everyday things that waste time and energy that you could use for anything you want while opening the door for someone like me to organize time so that nobody has to waste any of it? Time is one of those things that can't be replaced. How did you spend your time before it was up? How much of it was wasted on things that you didn't enjoy, like sitting in traffic where there is polution, traffic, roadrage accidents, people like our own family getting hurt or even killed in all kinds of things that come down to unorganized time that caused the chain reaction of events that lead to things that scar all of us and make it harder and harder to enjoy the short time that we do have to do all the things we dreamed of doing, but then got bogged down and washed out before we really even got started, then times almost up and people end up sick because they never got to do all the things they dreamed of when they where a little kid before they got poluted with problems that people like me could be making careers for millions of people just helping organize time keeping it real simple for everyone to enjoy everylast second, so that when someone we love dies we can celebrate the time they got leading the way for each generation to keep growing with all the wonderful things that energized you to enjoy as much as you could possible fit into the short time you get to share with your family. Life is to short not to enjoy every last second. what if you died before you got to enjoy your dreams, all the things that you wanted to do before you get stuck in things you have to do that interfere with your state of mind and motivation to live in the positive momentom of loving life and sharing it with people you love to share and build dreams with. i used to love almost everything about every day, the good and the bad. the good because it motivated me to do more and the bad because I had enough positive energy from the things that were still going good for me and the people around me that whatever the problem was got delt with before it slows you down.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Seattle, WA

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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Seattle, WA