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RssExecutive Account Manager

To be a member of an organization, that provides excellent customer service. Most of career life has been spent in the Durable medical business, respritory, c-pap, vents, food pumps, beds, wheel chairs, ect... Over 15 years I have worked nearly every aspect of the homecare business starting from driver to wharehouse to routing and dispatching to general manager to customer service, now excutive account manager. I know the patients and their families what needs they have and what our company needs to have a job well done.

Advertising Sales Agent

Sperry, OK

About Me


Sales & Sales Management


Advertising Sales Agent


A loving wife 1 girl 2 boys 1 granddaughter 12-21-2011 I'm still here

Ideal Companies:

DME, medical device manufactuer, hillcrest home care, saint francis home health, ncis home health, thrifty medical, optioncare, abc building supply, vaccum pressure, city of tulsa, currently -walgreens home care

Education level:


Will Relocate:



Sperry, OK

Major Responsibilities

I am looking for a company that is real,meaning when you say integrity, truth, can you produce what you say, do you have a team behind you, and in front of you, and beside you, commited to making it happen? I would say this most is the important character a company can deliver. You don't always get every sale sale but, if you can help any customer achieve their need, than you will have a future client. Yes is the only option. No brings dissapointment to anyone. Common sense is not common. And, getting a job done and done right brings a good sense of pride to everyone that helps accomplish it.

Work Experiences

5/1996 - Present



  • marketing to doctors offices, nursing homes, and hospital



High School/GED Degree


  • medical home care


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