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Rss"Situational" Music Therapy/Behavior Modification Consultant 40-years experience

Continue to create optimum Music Behavior Modification programs as a consultant, director, original audio/music composition and self-designed applications. Building on 40-years of expertise in the field, continue consulting positive application using computer music composition tools (hardware & software), a "situational" expansion of my researched and documented skills results. Maintain integrity without compromising creativity. Serving as a consultant, composer, theraputic applied music computer program operator and promoting my abilities and ideas, which have been successful and embraced over the decades. In reality, it's a "Win-Win" for all parties involved. And, any employer will see their bottom line improve if I work with their company. I want to see my work become far mor recognized in the field of music. I have done this "professionally," since age 12-13, and for some periods was a familar name in the music business. I want that name, with its integrity and spotless reputation, to be recognized by employers in the Las Vegas area, as it is in Colorado, New York and the Netherlands, where I have achieved much in the creation, performance, recording, lyrical content and music directorships. In all of those experiences, my accomplishments are still recognized. My goal here, is to earn that same reputation and to make a lasting impact for my employer, clients and, also, for myself.


Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas, NV