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RssExpert in sales, sales process and sales management

Nils is a career sales professional, an expert in the sales process and sales management. He helps customers articulate their pains and problems. He then provides a solution based on current capabilities or recommends a solution that is appropriate. Whether selling advertising, software, legal services or a car the skills that he is expert in must be present. He has sold to a wide variety of customers from tow-truck drivers, auto mechanics, marketing directors, media buyers and CEO's. The style of the presentation and clothes may change but the bottom line of helping a customer solve a problem remains the same. Nils has led teams to record breaking revenues, increased market shares and number one rankings. Some of these teams have been local and others national with reps spread throughout the country. The consistent variables are the sales process, smart hiring, constant coaching and continued growth both as people and as assets to customers. Nils continues to coach/teach, motivate and search for ways to grow business. He is looking to lead a high profile, high value sales team.

Advertising Sales Agent

Bellevue, WA

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Sales & Sales Management


Advertising Sales Agent

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Bellevue, WA