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Registered Nurse - 16 Years of Experience - Near 95501


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Eureka, CA

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I have a desire to make a difference for a company or facility to better enhance and improve desired healthcare standards. In today's economy and cut backs for all health care providers it becomes increasingly difficult to provide low cost health care to an ever growing population of people in need. I have extensive experience providing education and presentations based on evidence based practices. I have participated in several research studies during my career as well as being the provider for direct patient care. I enjoy educating all healthcare providers, patients and families about all aspects of wound and ostomy care, how to better manage chronic disease process and ways to prevent poor patient outcomes. I also enjoy educating providers about new technology and advancements that will improve the overall healthcare environment. I have my Bachelor of Science in nursing degree and also completed Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing at Emory University. While serving as a RN, CWON not only have I studied the most advanced training offered in the world, I have also witnessed years of medical surgical, wound/ostomy care treatments in complex healthcare environments and have received training from multiple venues on hundreds of occasions. I have experienced all settings of the healthcare environment including inpatient, outpatient, and home care; threefold as a clinician, consultant and educator to help combat the ever changing system. I have extensive experience working closely with podiatrists, vascular surgeons as well as general surgeons, and all healthcare providers. I have excellent interpersonal skills, ability to understand, be compassionate, and see the other side... yet always keep the best possible outcome and goals in mind. I am a very intuitive person with the ability to envision the overall outcome as well as achieve success. I have been a leader throughout my entire career. And I especially have the desire to learn more. I believe I excel at working in all aspects of nursing especially WOCN whether it is at the bedside, clinic atmosphere, or home care environment. I also have significant experience educating all health care providers about new technology or advancements to improve overall outcomes and reduce costs. I am great at marketing and consulting and would be an asset with working as a clinical consultant for a medical supply, pharmaceutical or advanced wound care company. I also have experience with research projects, presentations and leadership. I have developed a 72 page power point presentation for a large health care company for educating employees with preceptor check off program. This program was very successful in that MD’s, clinicians and patients became educated about how to better manage patient care, thus this establishment became the leader in the community. I have attended conferences, training programs; in-services advanced education courses and have served as an expert clinician in my field and as a self-starter within the team environment, I believe that my talents and expertise would be an asset to any company. I enjoy travel and I am willing to relocate for the right position. Thank-you all for viewing my profile and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call me at (505) 819-9507 or email me at bigleycindra1@gmail