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Aircraft Rigging Assembler


Aircraft Rigging Assembler


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David W. Young 25 Hourigan Dr. Meriden, Ct. 06451 Phone – 203-686-1076 Cell – 203-927-4241 Career Objectives: Responsibility in the engineering and manufacturing of plastic injected molded parts. Responsibility for all production problems and solutions to meet customer requirements. 30 years of experience in injection molding. Proven hands-on leader of molding operations and process development. Influential mentor for developing molding personnel of all levels. Jan.2010 - Echo Plastics - Plant Manager / Plastic Process Engineer Nov.2011 - Full responsibility for the day to day operation of this company including: * Manage all employees in this three shift molding division. * Daily Molding Productivity rounds and updates for cycle performance, cavitation, uptime and mold service. * Sample, debug, qualify and document scientific molding processes for all molds. * Ensure safety through training on all molding machines and auxiliary equipment. * Troubleshoot all production problems with molds and process. * Order all tools and equipment for molding division. Jan. 2001 Jan. 2010 - Rexam Dispensing Systems -- Injection Molding Process Engineer. * Sample, qualify and document scientific molding processes for all new and existing molds including micro-molding. * Two to three samples per week for new product launches. * Work directly with tooling engineers and tool makers for the best Mold design and to modify steel to bring molded parts into specification. * Work with Research and Development to make sure samples perform acceptably. * Qualify, set process, and documentation on all new and existing resins. * Train and supervise molding technicians through Quality, Versatility, and Performance training. * Evaluate all molding machine problems and work with maintenance and molding machine companies to fix problems. Sept. 1997 - Durham Manufacturing - Injection Molding Supervisor Nov. 2000 Complete set up and start up of a brand new plastic division for this company. Responsible for the initial purchase of 400 to 700 ton Nissei and Toshiba molding presses and all auxiliary equipment to establish the division. Complete responsibility for the day to day operations of this division such as: * Oversee all aspects of the molding division. * Troubleshoot, debug, and modify existing outsourced molds to produce quality parts to meet production schedules. * Order all tools and materials to assure the flow of work on each Machine. * Supervise and train all employees for a three shift operation. * Schedule and set manpower requirements for this division. * Maintain constant quality requirements for the elimination Of scrap and cost reduction. * Work hand and hand with toolmakers and vendors to identify problems and recommend the proper repairs to facilitate best production requirements. Nov. 1995 – Somerset Plastics – Injection Molding Supervisor Sept. 1997 * Oversee all aspects of production. * Supervise and train set-up technicians and machine operators. * Troubleshoot and debug new molds and existing molds. * Work directly with plastic process engineers to develop the most efficient mold design and processes for the material and the highest quality finished parts. * Instrumental in the implementation of ISO 9000 for this company. Mar. 1984 - J&L Plastic Molding and Tool Company Nov. 1995 – Molding set up technician and operator supervisor. * Involved in the set up of this family operated plastic injection molding company. * Operated hand insert molding machines. * Supplied dried material to molding machines as a material handler. * Set up molds and process as a molding Technician. * Worked with Process Engineers to determine and develop the best process in achieving the final product for their operation. * Take responsibility for the setup and sampling of all new tools and to debug the problems that occur. * Sample tools and recommend modifications for outside plastic companies. Sept. 1982 – Northeast Plastics Feb. 1984 –Take responsibility for the start up and shutdown of a one shift Plastic injection molding operation until the companies relocation. * Starting up of all molding machines and auxiliary equipment. * Set up of all molds. * Material handling and all machine adjustments. * Part quality and packaging. * Delivery of molded parts. * Complete shutdown at the end of the day. School Training: Process Engineering in the Plastic Specialization program at Naugatuck Valley College. Certified Lean Enterprise Six Sigma Green Belt from Tunxis Community College. Intermediate and Advanced Supervision at AAIM Education Center. Machine 1, 2, 3 at Wilcox Technical School. Sheehan High School Graduate with 4 years machine shop operation. John Bozzelli Scientific Molding Program. How to Handle Difficult People with Tact and Skill seminar. Nissei and Arburg School of Training. Training in Kaizan philosophy of manufacturing and just in time. Special Skills: Expert in the set up and operation of Nissei Molding Machines. Knowledge of Hot Runner Systems as well as conventional runners. Familiar with all documentation involved in ISO 9001. Familiar with Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Boy, Reed, Jaco, Van Dorn Knowledge of many types of auxiliary equipments. Micro molding and scientific molding process documentation. References: Will be supplied upon request. This resume is for your confidential review. Please do not contact my present employer at this time. Thanks in advance for your understanding.