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Roswell, GA

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I am a dynamic R&D and creative professional with 30 years of pulp and paper, laboratory, project leadership, mill and process experience. My goal is to utilize my extensive knowledge in the paper industry and other industry environments to work in a research and development environment or laboratory setting to create innovative chemistry products, test procedures, data analysis, microscopy and Image Analysis studies, and utilize my computer graphics skills. My other skill sets puts me in an mill or plant environment to utilize my analytical and creative skills to trouble shoot and resolve operational issues, or enhance the process performance. I look forward to working with a company that has an entrepreneur spirit that welcomes creative thinking and offers new challenges to keep innovation alive and always looking forward.


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University of Guelph Honors Environmental Biology Chemistry Minor 1977 Bachelor Degree

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Significantly helped increase retention and drainage chemistry sales at new mill customers every year. Deposit control project leader that utilized my skill sets increase sales of deposit control chemistry sales from $15K a month to $350K a month a year later. Invented a novel pulp drainage tester that was more robust, 1/3 the cost of the drainage tester we were using ($50,000 a piece), smaller, lighter, and a wider working range in stock furnish tested. Developed the test procedure and data processing to determine the ranking of wet end additives on the retention and drainage performance on the test pulp stock. Invented and built a novel handheld Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Tester that mimics plant size equipment. Developed the test procedure to evaluate the chemical additives performance on the test stream sample. Received in 2007 the Eka Chemicals "Shining Light" award presented at the company headquarters in Sweden for substantial and implementable creative contributions to the organization. Generated almost 5% of all ideas submitted in the company "Eureka" idea process in the organization of 5,500 people

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International Paper, NewPage, Catalyst, Verso, Paper Excellence, Georgia Pacific, Ashland, Buckman, Kemira, Nalco,


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I am a retention and drainage expert in the Pulp and Paper field that understands and selects the best chemicals and wet end additives to improve the paper machine speed performance and physical characteristics. This applies to working in the laboratory and at customer mill sites. Application development of deposit control chemistry that is novel and significantly more powerful than before and they are global best sellers products for eka Chemicals Inc.. Project leader that help support the sales force to significantly increase deposit control sales. Deposit control expert in the P&P application process that has developed novel test procedures to enhance the evaluation and testing of deposit chemistry on the mill process streams. Support the sales force in generating new chemical business or protecting existing business when under threat. Developed numerous microscopy and Image Analysis techniques for wood pitch, coated broke and deposition test evaluation in the laboratory and at mill sites. Maintained and repaired numerous sophisticated retention and drainage test instruments and equipment. Helped develop sales training presentations to enhance the technical knowledge of our sales force. Utilized my computer graphics skills in enhancing captured digital microscopy images and creating professional technical illustrations and mill process flow sheets. Help numerous mills develop the best environmental treatment process when I was working with Abitibi-Price Inc. Ran a anaerobic biological treatment plant for several weeks. Helped in numerous pulp plant start-ups in the Abitibi-Price organization. Worked on continuous and batch pulp digesters and evaluated the best cooking procedure for optimal chemical penetration and pulp physical characteristics. Start up on new TMP refiner lines to fine tune the best operational parameters, energy and pulp physical characteristics. Evaluated new technology such as testing new sintered Stainless Steel ultra filtration treatment technology in concentrating toxic spent sulphite cooking liquor and re-utilizing the cooking chemicals in the process.