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RssAircraft Rigging Assembler

Austin W. Hausman 1817 22nd Ave N Texas city, TX 77590 (409) 945-2749 (409)939-5443 MANUFACTURING MANAGER C-N-C MACHINIST / PROGRAMMER Objective: I would like to obtain the opportunity of a promising position with a growing company in order to show my work capabilities and ethics. Throughout my tenure as a machinist I have learned many skills and techniques in machining for production and quality of parts to benefit your company to the best of its capabilities. Training: I graduated from Gary Job Corps in 1994 with my G.E.D. and a diploma in manual and C-N-C machining. I am also a certified quality control inspector through ABB Vetco Gray with special classes in Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances. I have been trained to 1st response to medical emergencies and safety training for all general shop safety. I am also a certified as a forklift operator. Also, I speak fluent in Spanish as a second language. I have completed Mastercam X courses and have been programming. I have been programming with G-zero for lathes and also live tooling lathes for the past 3 years also using Mastercam X16. I use Delcam Partmaker for Swiss machine programming. Also have some training in Global Shop for shop labor balancing. Leadership Skills: I have currently been Manufacturing Manager for the last 4 years. Programming for 15 lathes for 2 shifts and scheduling all the jobs for the whole plant which also includes 5 mills. I do all the tooling purchasing and R&D of new high end tooling applications. I train all the employees in the areas that are needed to optimize production and safety. I make all the edits at the machines in the programs to also increase performance or make adjustments needed. I started implementing Lean Manufacturing at this facility which has improved production by over 50% across the whole shop with in about 9 months. Before this job I was a lead man for four years set-up lathe and mills for a rotating equipment specialist turbine and pump components of all types. I have for six years on and off trained machinist some from no knowledge of machining to others who had experience just wanting to advance to another level of machinist. I have for the past three years before setting up and manually edited programs for other machinist to achieve maximum quality and time conservative run times for their parts. I’ve ground and made special tools and jigs for better shop production and to make the job easier for the operator. Work Experience: 18 years experience machining KM Services: 06/09-3/12 My position was Manufacturing Manager I was in charge of the whole machine shop and 2 shifts. I bought machinery for the company started up a whole Mud Motor Division running and Training employees to run large horizontal lathe with Omni steady rests and taking previous parts that took 4 to five ops. And reducing them to 2 my specialty is increasing productivity. I also purchased a Samsung SL-45 y3000 with live tooling so that when we would run the last lathe op. also do the mill work and engraving which relieved the Mill department of a lot of bottleneck. Being 15 lathes to 5 mills. Implemented Lean Manufacturing turning all the machines in a manner that one person runs 2 machines and opens up more production with less people it increased productivity drastically. I spent a lot of time reducing tooling prices by doing a lot of R&D work to find the right tools for the job and minimize waste. Saved the company 10,000 a month just by going to consignment tooling. We did a lot of A.P.I. threads and tapered modified acme threads. I programmed all the lathes for both shifts and ordered all tooling. The company doubled in size in 2 years I was there. National Oilwell Varco : 09/08-06/09 I currently am running a large G&L H.B.M. with G&L controls doing set-ups and editing programs and also making programs for large generator parts. On this machine I do Multi set-ups on different pallets. This machine is massive as are the parts. I make my own fixtures for a lot of these parts are complex and very expensive and must maintain top quality and good production times. Here I work with many exotic materials 300 series stainless and high nickel alloys, 400 monel K-500 monel and titanium. This is a 5 axis mill with 120” in Y 180” in X and 60” reach with spindle plus the table (w) axis has at least 200” just to give an idea of the size of machine and parts go up to and over 10 tons. It takes a lot of experience to run a machine and parts like this. Alfred Conhagen Inc.: 05/03-07/09 For this company. I set-up and run lathes and VMC mills. I am their C-N-C department lead man. I program and edit programs. We mostly make turbine and pump components. Turbine blades and wheels’ shafts, labyrynth seals, and many other seal parts. Very tight tolerances and finishes also a lot of exotic materials. I make multi lead and premium threads. They have a Monarch long bed lathe with a 12” 4 jaw chuck with a hydraulic Omni and about 80” between centers it has a Fanuc OT control. The exotic materials like nickel-silver, which is very soft but abrasive, also K-500 monel and inconel alloys, hastaloy B, etc. with limited tooling and limited machine capabilities having to use taper moves and other techniques making shafts and mandrels for steam turbines and all different kinds of pumps. They also have a Daewoo Puma 10HC which is where I make all the smaller shafts and other pump and steam turbine small parts with very tight tolerances finishes for seal areas. There is also an old Cincinnati Milicron which I use to make punches and dies. The Monarch VMC 45 mills. There are three of these mills, two with Fanuc OT controls and one with a Dynapath control. I set these mills up, run them, and make edits where necessary. I also use a forth axis rotary head to do different jobs where needed. Also, I make a lot of turbine blades and steam seals, as well as complex impellers using 3D milling and intricate machining. I do a lot of programs by hand when needed to help the job done better and faster. Ellwood Texas Forge: 01/02-04/03 I set up and ran two lathes at the same time making punches and dies for their presses. Mostly, I repair tooling for their plant, tight tolerances exotic alloys, work hardened, cracked, repair machining of much difficulty and pressured time allowances. Top quality and safety was a must and I enjoyed doing it. I was trained and part of the Emergency Response Team in case of accidents or injuries. I ran a Mori-Sieki SI600 with Fanuc 18-T controls and a 24” hydraulic chuck also with programmable tailstock. Also, I set up and ran a Hwacheon lathe with a Fanuc 18-T control and a 20” chuck, also with a programmable tailstock. When larger tooling was needed, I set up and ran an Olympia VTL with an 80” chuck with single ram and tool changer. Ram had 60” of travel, the control also was Fanuc 18-T. Ran a lot of titanium for helicopter parts too. Schlumberger Camco: 10/00-01/02 My responsibility were to set up, edit, and run Mazak Powermasters with Mazatrol 640T-Plus controls. I ran a lot of long thin walled mandrels, some exceeding 120” in length and only .250 to .375 wall thickness maintaining tight concentricity, tolerances, and 16 rms to 32 rms surface finishes using dual chuck spindles with large bores and steady rests. Also made many components to their R&D packers and sub-sea equipment. There were also older power masters that I ran with old Fanuc 5T controls and made different connectors, hangers, and adapters for their sub-sea line. I trained all new hires on their Mazak lathes. I was also a member of Emergency Spill Response Safety Team. Kearnver Intl: 04/98-10/00 I ran a Dianichi ultra longbed with a 50” 4 jaw chuck and Fanuc 16T controls. On this large lathe, I ran sub-sea wellhead housing spools. Parts were in excess of 25,000 lbs with inconel clad all through the bore and o.d. Parts had very special wicker thread seals and VX/VT seals on face extremely tight tolerances. We used over 100” boreing bars and steady rests that could hold up 40” diameter parts. You had to ride the control in a carriage up and down the parts. It was one of my favorite machines. Varco Schaffer Intl: 01/97-04/98 For this company, I programmed, set up and ran G&L 800c controls. This machine had a single ram with a tool changer. I made all kinds of huge valve bodies, housings, and rider parts. Some of the parts were over 80” in diameter and 10’ tall in excess of 50,000 lbs. I did all my own programming by hand in radiuses, angles, seal faces and all. Had special training in overhead crane operation because of flipping such big parts and maintaining stability due to safety risks. ABB Vetco Gray: 04/94-01/97 When I initially started, I ran a small Mori-Sieki TL-3, SL-6, and SL-75 with Fanuc 6T and 5T controls making different types of parts for sub-sea Christmas tree well-head parts. All different types of exotic materials inlays and overlays. After they saw my potential, they switched me to larger machines: the G&L VTL’s with G&L 800c controls. It had two heads, a ram, and a sidehead. We had 42”, 60”, and 80” chucks. I made mostly R&D parts, prototypes, and test pieces extremely tight tolerances and special features. I made split nuts which were nuts that had a & tool form thread with only .0002 tolerance over 12”. They were split into 4 pieces and were designed to hold all the wait of an oil rig open platform and adjust the height from the sea. Made many intricate parts and always maintain safety and productivity. Any part that they would give, they knew that I could get the job done. I

Aircraft Rigging Assembler

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