Ahad D

Electrical Engineer - 18 Years of Experience - Near 91364


Electrical Engineer

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Summary; Over 18 years experience in field of Industrial and Machinery Automation, Process and Control Systems. Experience in Project designing, R&D, Design, Develop and Programming PLC and DCS Consulting, Automation software design and development, Technical support, proven proficiency in Architecture and implementing creative solutions, Problem management and resolution for new and existing systems for different industries. Industrial automation and control products are applied in machineries ( such as Robotics, CNC, Laser cutting, Steel, Paper, Food, Packaging, Textile, etc. ) manufacturing plants, oil and gas production, separation and transmission; oil refining; gas processing; petrochemical processing; chemical production; power generation; water treatment and transmission; cement production; and mining. Exclusively offers automation and control products from Siemens, AEG, ABB, Panasonic, Toshiba, Honeywell, Allen-Bradley, Reliance Electric, Schneider Electric, Goodrich and Rockwell Software, as well as related integration services. Skill & Capabilities; Automation and control systems development, System integration, Project leading, Field installation, Start-Up, Support, Maintenance and trouble shooting, Expert in designing and resolving unusual and complex automation systems problems. Control and Automation Engineering • In-depth knowledge and experience in Electrical design and installation for different type of machinery such as Robotics, CNC, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Textile • Strong knowledge and experience with Automotive, Textile, Food, Beverage, Plastic, Chemical, Power plants and Heavy industries (Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance, Repair) and Experience in Embedded Automation control and systems. • Strong knowledge about the concepts and principles of the latest automation technologies for Robotics, Motion, CNC Machinery and Industries, PLC, DCS and Computer based Industrial Automation, Process, Control and Motion and Dynamic machine control. • PID Control Expert and Experience in field of AC and DC Servo motors, Linear actuators, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, AC Motors, Fans, Pumps, , soft starters, and variable speed drivers ( VFD sizing and project design). • Excellent knowledge in PLC and HMI programming (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Panasonic, ABB, Schneider, ) • Excellent knowledge and experience European and US standards, IEEE, ISO, OSHA, NEC • Excellent experience in Project design, R&D, Manufacturing, Technical Support and Field engineering. Experience with Embedded systems and Microcontrollers and PCB design. • Experience with Solid Works, Auto Cad, E plan 8, Proteus, C, C++ Team leading and management • Excellent domestic and international management skills, public speaking and presentation skills. • Experience with multi culture business including Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. • Experience in domestic and international exhibition as exhibitor/ visitor around the world. Self motivated, Easy going and hard worker. • Strong business development skills, ability to lead the team and implement innovative activities and ability to work under pressure. • Excellent abilities and experience in developing a business plan and sales strategy for the global market. • Expert in Overseas Business developer (Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Far East). • Excellent experience in Training Sales Representatives and technical team and Distributors around the world. • Experience and strong knowledge in Planning, monitoring, and appraising Representatives results.