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RssLead Machinist and CNC Programmer, Process designer for machined products

Supervision of production and other functions of business, CNC programming, die designing and can develope any process or imporve upon any existing process. I am capable and have proven throught many successful improvment of old product and the development of systems to manufacture new product lines that run flawlessly. In the developments or improvement of current process or new the tecchniques I use have been proven to be effective. I am a dynamic team builder and excell at culture changing. I Take great pride in creating a team of machinist or employees that take ownership of their jobs, to continuously strive to improve their abilities so that they are capable of producing products with the highest quality possible and are excited and determined to be extremely efficient by utilizing the most modern technical techniques avaliable. This is accommplished by training with indidvidual learning ability in mind. This type of modern personality and skill set type of training gives the company a team that will quickly allow the team members to become experts at those techniques needed to be true asset to any company. I take great pride in developing a team that strives to please the customers both internal and external and raise the bar of process metrics and suggest improvement every day to push the company everyday a step closer to benchmarch whatever they may do. As a leader I feel that every team member is a key component of any great company and I personaly ensure that each individual reach their full potential, personal goals to further benefit the company which allow the team members to gain great joy and satisfaction from their hard work. The machinist and/or production workers I work with, I constantly help them to gain the knowlege they need to become the best programmers, machinist, tool makers and production workers possible through proactive planning and utilizing proven training techniques and empowering team members to take ownership of every project that each team member may take on. I also excell in dealing with C.A.R. creating from experienced gained through Eaton Corportaton were through many trials and error I have devloped a tremendous skill that I aquired from making process changes that required new machinery to maximize productivity and quality that also improved overall on time delivery to the customer. This type of knowlege was gained by developing skills that were abtained by using value stream mapping to pinpoint process issues and manufacturing needs.


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