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SUMMARY * Over 20 years of IT experience. * Over ten years' experience in design, development and deployment of distributed applications in the Java/J2EE and SOA realm. * Good experience with open source tools including Hibernate and Struts, CQ5 CMS, and Spring MVC. * Good experience with many different development tools /environments servers that include WebSphere and WebLogic, JBuilder, NetObjects, Oracle 10g and 11i, and JBoss ESB/AS. * Good experience with portal technology and content management systems such as JBoss Portal Server. * Good experience in C++, XML/XSLT, and UNIX shell scripting, Perl, JQuery/Ajax and JavaScript, JBoss Seam and Oracle ADF/JSF. * Skilled with variety of OS platforms including Oracle/Sun Solaris, HP UNIX, Windows 2008, IBM AIX, OS/2 4.0, Linux Red Hat and Ubuntu distributions. * Trained in use/development of IBM RAD with extensive use of WebSphere Applications Integration, and Sun JCAPS. * Developed with Oracle WebLogic JSR-168 compliant Portal Applications. * Trained Experienced on Oracle WebLogic versions 10.3.x. * Worked as a contractor with IBM and PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) to configure, install, and train IBM employees in the use of SAP R/3 at the IBM Microelectronics plant in Endicott, NY. This was an effort by PWC, and IBM to promote the use SAP R/3 in the U.S. markets. Also, wrote a VBScript to auto-install, and configure SAP R/3 on the user's desktop and registry key values in the Windows, and OS/2 environments. * Followed SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Design Principles as a primary instrument to develop the required application projects. The notable principles included RPC (Remote Procedure Call), Service Loose Coupling, Service Autonomy, and Service-Orientation and Interoperability. * Been trained and used extensively BRMS (Business Rules Management Systems) tools such as ILog Jrules (Rules Sets, Variable Set, and Rule Flows), JBoss Drools (Fusion, Guvnor, Flow, and Solver). * Versed and experienced in the configuration, implementation and designing of biometrics applications using ManageID component and its SDK from NEUROtechnology.





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