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Human Resource Dept Project Manager Matt Safdari: An experienced professional looking forward towards the next chapter of career. Expertise: Human Resources, Project management, Operations management, organizational administration, logistics, company resolution & business development, pay role administration,Data administration. Attributes: Ambitious, responsible individual passionate towards working with experts when completing assignments and projects. Problem solver, optimistic but focused towards solution. Would rather look at the solution instead of pointing the figure at other team members, being a motivator looking at resolving problems and overcoming situations in the calmest manner. Ideology Together we can build the future and bring out the next best technology, business or idea to life. Bringing together life changing ideas to reality. that is exactly what working for big companies is structure is based off of. It would be an honor to work for a great company with this type of work ethic and structure. More Info: Matt Safdari’s Project Management Achievements at AAO: 1st month of business: Utilized Internet, websites and search engines for consistent marketing strategy. I am humbly proud for the experience becoming the main face in creating AAO’s marketing department. Those Ideas are still being used at company and has grown to a multi-million dollar company. 1st year- 2 years of business: helped establish all departments: Customer service, logistics, site maintenance, inventory dept, sales, Internet marketing, and business development. 2nd year Created logistic daily log with route, stock and time window for client confirmation. 3rd year of business: Implemented inventory management system. From Paper written invoices to digital invoices printed for customers. Quick books inventory management system had additional features recording all transactions. With other beneficial features like old transaction were archived for business history and transaction. The system was used by all departments, with an important use for looking back customer’s transaction when the service department would be sent out on the field to service appliances. All paper invoices were filled with month year and completed date. 5th year of business: Marketing department had progressed in sales. Started selling out of state. Part of my responsibility was monitoring logistics and the full scope of transaction. 6th year of business: AAO becomes a corporation. Purchases lease agreement for five warehouses on same street for stocking inventory in Manteca CA on Oak St. Secondly AAO opens up affiliated sister company called American Appliance Outlet in Livermore CA. 744 E Airway Livermore CA. 6th year of business and 5 month: AAO Manteca opens up new show off highway 99 on Austin rd and Moffat Blvd. Business was developing to the next phase, so next best technology was required for inventory management system. Company upgraded to Tylernet system. I personally helped implement the new system upgrade as well as being responsible for negotiation and business development idea for new location off the freeway. Responsible Project Manager with in the full scope of project from beginning to end. 7th year of business and present. Strategic marketing local tv stations, sales and business development for big project, HR, logistics, unfortunately there is no more room for me to climb up the ladder here AAO unless I become an partner/owner. Please review my credentials let me know what position I would be a proper fit for at your company. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Respectfully, Matt Safdari 209-640-5103