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Rail Car Repairer

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Summary of Qualifications Union Tank Car Company Maintenance Supervisor In taking the experience of my previous position as Repair Supervisor I as was able to further utilize my skills and broaden my knowledge in the railcar industry. This includes the responsibilities to plan, direct and coordinate the day to day operations to include the operation, repair, maintenance and construction of several repair facilities including Blast Systems, Tank Car Cleaning Systems, Vapor Combustor and Oxidizer Paint Systems, Waste Water Treatment and Potable water systems. My duties also include several facets to ensure proper safety standards were met by ensuring all facility processed are within all City, County, State and federal guidelines manage an environmental program for maintenance department provide and train direct reports on OSHA standards and enforce Company safety Program and manage environmental program for the maintenance department. I have managed the procurement of several vendors to maintain an onsite inventory all parts and services needed to support all equipment for all shifts, for all facilities mentioned above to include the research and procurement of fixed assets plan and schedule all subcontracted maintenance and construction on site and scheduled all duties and set maintenance schedules necessary with my team of direct reports as well as three on-site tenant companies. Within the maintenance department I develop and manage annual budgets for facility order all parts and services ensure the proper coding of Invoices for maintenance expenses and process all purchases with corporate accounting. I also provide support to the entire plant by coordinating all cleaning of facility maintaining an inventory of cleaning materials with janitorial services coordinate all interoffice moves of personnel and equipment and manage building security with building control key systems oversee Shipping & Receiving of all incoming and outbound packages while ensuring all packages are verified and tracked for facility manage all utilities and act as liaison with these providers and act as First Responder to any and all after-hours emergencies. Union Tank Car Company Repair Supervisor As a motivated management professional with diverse experience, I was able to integrate my experience and take on rail car repair, welding and fabrication, industrial coating and chemicals, safety and environmental, large and small scale operations, in-line concepts and quality control. As an extremely reliable, total team player this was an opportunity to motivate team concepts and consistently demonstrate the ability to increase production, improve safety, and insure environmental compliance through experience and dedication. Responsible for scheduling of team members time/record keeping of workforce daily logs of completed work procured necessary materials experienced in dealing with an organized union workforce and resolving conflicts. By working in a union environment, I consistently met production goals on multiple shifts through organization and knowledge improved safety by establishing training and new concepts insured environmental compliance by strictly adhering to federal, state and local regulations. As an excellent motivator of personal in these fields and a desire to succeed by adhering to established protocol and guidelines. Able to bring a "thinking outside the box" philosophy and a fresh approach to any organization. US ARMY Served over 26 years active duty/federal service with Clearance to include 15 years' experience as a Maintenance Manager, and 11 years as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. As a U.S. Army Maintenance Manager, my areas of expertise were Logistics and Maintenance Operations. I have directed maintenance operations utilizing programs that include The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and Oracle based software programs that include Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), and Standard Amy Maintenance System Enhanced (SAMS-1E/IE ) operations. I managed maintenance facilities and shop office operations consistently exceeding goals. Monitored and controlled equipment utilization and man-hour reports, scheduled maintenance procedures, equipment readiness, parts availability and shop repair parts. Directed Safety and Training programs to comply with OSHA and US Army regulations. Analyzed, compiled, and prepared logistic analytical data and systems reports to senior executive program directors. Effectively trained executive officers to standard on readiness reporting procedures, maintenance trends and submitted technical consultation to create solutions. Mentored technicians and automated logistics specialists to successfully maintain multiple vehicle systems and commodities. Consistently exceeded company production index and operational goals. Extensive practical experience in fleet maintenance management, logistic management, personnel records, and company operations. Highly organized with an exceptional ability to manage multiple large-scale projects, tasks and priorities effectively and in a timely manner. Superior communicator, easily interacts with program directors, executive officers, regulatory agencies, clients, vendors and staff. Duties included: * Analyzed and directed logistics synchronization program for Organizational Directors and Logistics Officers: Prepared critical readiness and financial reports Prepared statistical evaluation reports for executive level logistic information briefing. * Culminated critical logistic data and provided consolation to Senior Executive Logistician. Conducted assessment procedures to monitor trends and deficiencies and provided solutions. Consistently earned superior ratings for all Maintenance and Logistics operations inspections. * Managed over 45 civilian contracted maintenance personnel, supervisors, automated logistic specialist, mechanics, transporters and fuel handlers. Managed the maintenance program for over 375 tactical vehicles valued at $40 million. * As the Command Maintenance Discipline Coordinator (CMDC), managed maintenance operations for Headquarters, III Corps Fort Hood Texas, managed 11, III Corps support units containing over 300 of tactical vehicles and numerous support equipment systems. * Directly managed and supervised the overall performance of two senior maintenance supervisors, four shop foremen and 50 personnel in various occupational specialties related to ground fleet maintenance. Managed over 1,500,000 work orders of numerous maintenance faults on various pieces of equipment ranging from computers, radios and vehicles and maintained a production index of over 98%. * Advised Commanding Officer of all maintenance operations to maintain critical combat route clearance operations. Expertly managed maintenance operations of three Route Clearance Equipment Packages during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Commended for superior performance in maintenance operations by Logistics Officer and Senior Maintenance management. * Managed the workflow, reports, acquisition of tools and parts, personnel management, customer relations for 11 different organizations within III Corps. Maintenance Facilities Manager for III Corps maintenance facilities, effectively managed two separate maintenance support sections, supporting the Headquarters III Corps Tactical and Garrison missions. * Provided Forward Operating Base maintenance operations and support for FOB Frontenac, Afghanistan for all NATO convoys, Afghan Security Forces, and base installation equipment. * Expertly Supervised Shop Foreman, Senior Mechanic, Senior Logistic Supervisor, 4 Maintenance Team Leaders and 11 Mechanics throughout tenure as Motor Sergeant consistently exceeding Army maintenance standards. Established Recovery operations tactical operations procedures for specialized route clearance equipment. * Selected over peers and earned top Logistics Trainer while attached to Combined Logistics Training Team and conducting maintenance management training to the Iraqi Army. Prepared and wrote all technical training curriculum, assisted interpreters to translate documentation, technical illustrations and forms. * Established Brigade technical inspection program inspected and appraised destroyed equipment to include estimating cost of damage, transfer, tracking and shipping of equipment. Directly corresponded with (TACOM) Tank and Automotive Command all disposition documentation. * Managed maintenance program for over 350 tactical vehicles, refrigeration, and power generation equipment and all supporting commodities valued at over $18 million dollars. Directly supervised Shop Foreman, 4 Senior Maintenance team leaders, 2 Automated Logistics Specialist, and 17 mechanics at the National Training Center. * Simultaneously managed two maintenance facilities, coordinated warranty management, shop safety, security, environmental, fire prevention, recycling, and facilities maintenance programs. * Managed a superior Shop Safety and Drivers Training program resulting in zero accidents with over 300 training exercises with equipment operated over 3,000,000 miles. * Selected over seniors and peers for Platoon Sergeant and Motor Sergeant. Increased operational readiness rate over 45% and exceeded the Army standard by over 16%.Trained personnel preventive maintenance procedures resulting in a 100% examination success rate that augmented skills greatly contributing to the unit winning Philip A. Connelly Competition. * Established initial maintenance program for deploying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) "Gray Eagle" ground maintenance section training Executive and Maintenance Officers, Motor Sergeant and support personnel in all aspects of maintenance and logistics management. * Trained Reserve and National Guard Maintenance Officers and management personnel to standard in preparation for deployment to Combat Theater of Operations. * Expertly performed duties of Casualty Assistance Officer while sponsoring an "Army Gold Star" family. Professional Areas of Expertise Secret Clearance valid through 2018 * SAMS-E Supervisor Certified * Operations/Logistics Management * Maintenance/Diesel Fleets Management * Recovery Operations Certified * Technical Inspection/Appraiser * Leadership/Safety Management * Customer Service/Order Processing * Training Development/Instruction * Inventory Control/Asset Management * Equipment Records/Parts Management * Effective Communicator-Oral & Written * Information Management/Report Generation * Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coordinator * Equal Opportunity Leader * CPR Certified





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