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I am a Case Assessment Consultant with over thirty-seven year of professional experience in criminal and civil proceedings. Having conducted thousands of investigations, interviews, interrogations along with the preparation of written reports is the basis of my case building proficiency which is transferred into my consulting service. I offer an independent set of fresh eyes in the review of your case file. My reconstruction process of a case file is the result of my investigative and case building expertise. During my career I have acquired the skill to identify RED FLAGS within a case file or individual documents. During my professional career I designed and utilize a tool built by my creation of a chronology process. The evaluation of documents I OFFER MY INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL ANALYSIS OF A CASE BASED ON MY THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL AND CIVIL INVESTIGATIONS. My reconstruction process of documents rebuilds the events from the beginning to the conclusion. WHY CONSIDER MY SERVICE- I provide a set of fresh eyes that will review each component of your case. All documents, statements, evidence and procedures are considered as I review the case file. Each item is evaluated on the merit of the document independently then collectively as part of the entire case. Your legal and investigative teams review and analyze all case documents and evidence within the case file. This is usually done independently, then shared with the lead attorney assigned the case. It is not uncommon for elements of each process not to be shared with the team. MY PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND- My expertise is the result of my thirty-seven years of successful criminal and civil investigations and prosecutions. I have conducted thousands of investigations, interviews and interrogations in my career with the Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia District Attorneys Office and the City of Sanibel. My professional career serves as the basis of my expertise specifically in the skill of case building. I have the ability to look for and identify RED FLAGS contained within the case documents. My case assessment is based on the individual and collective merits of each case file. WHAT I OFFER- My intent is to provide your team with an opinion of the strength and/or weakness of the case to achieve the best possible outcome for your client. At the conclusion of my review I provide a written report. I solely perform my service in my home office in Fort Myers, FL. I offer a free telephone consultation, at 239-810-4143. I will provide my professional resume for your review at the below link. Thank you in advance for your consideration, Ray Hendzel 8860 Largo Mar Drive Fort Myers, FL 33967 239-810-4143

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