Stephanie T

Motivated Work Ethics PRO




Santa Ana, CA

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Quickly trained, hard working, & eager – Trained for only 3 weeks for certification as Shift Supervisor; had only 1 day training to be “Shift Supervisor/Store Manager” in the store I ran with the teamwork of 5 employees. Was with Krispy Kreme for 4+ years, I made shift supervisor after only 2 years due to doing my best, and always striving to improve myself. Leadership Experience/Supervisor – Supervising 8 to 10 employees during a shift is familiar. I’m open to the possibility of having more to manage. I’ve been supervisor for 2+ years. From September 2004 to September 2005 I managed a store on my own that ran on a total of 6-8 employees. I am naturally influential and determined but easy to get along with. Organization and Multi Tasking – Experienced in accurate chronological and alphabetical filing (since Aug 2006). Whiz at multi tasking. I have experienced high call volumes. I have supervised a chart copying project (Dec ’06) for about 3 weeks in which my responsibilities included keep order of original documents in charts solo as a copying team of 4 people copied a total of more than 400 patient charts. Succeeded in copying 30-50 charts per day with an organization system created and managed by yours truly. I have had several comments on my organizational skills. I.E. a co-worker/therapist stated: “It seems you have everything under control. I never would’ve believed that this is your first office job!” Customer Service Experience – The customer comes first. I treat everyone as a guest, pleasant, polite, and always greet with a smile. I served customers/clients 5 years. Currently working with mental/emotionally ill patients. Some elderly. I’m very patient & helpful. Adaptability & Flexibility – Open to change, open-minded to different points of view. Worked at different store sites in the same week, schedule that always changed. Days off were different consequential in having to work up to 10 days in a row on occasion. I have worked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts; sometimes it was 2nd and 3rd in the same week. My flexibility offered will depend on salary offered. Relocation may be negotiable. Computer Skills & Experience – Experience at data entry for operations reports. Have created documents spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, and an assortment documents with Microsoft Word for various needs. Average at 35 WPM. Have assisted in other data entry tasks. My 10 key skill is at 5000 keystrokes per hour and improving. Continuing to test my skills. Bilingual – Spanish as a 2nd language (13 years), fluent conversations capable. Three years of study, beginning in 1993. Experienced at using Spanish in the workplace for 5 years. Current job obtained due to the need of my bilingual skills. Some document translation successfully completed.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 8/2006 - Present
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (Confidential) 4/2002 - 8/2006



Centennial Education Center none 2002 High School/GED Degree



Latino Psychological and Social Services - August 2006 to present Program Secretary and Receptionist - Receive patients and screen multiple phone calls. The majority of phone calls in Spanish. Schedule doctor's appointments. Verify Medi-Cal and Medicare eligible or perform financial evaluation to charge for services. Confirm daily doctor's appointments and evaluation appointments. Prepare patient charts for doctors. Copy projects. Filing notes into patient charts. Create new forms, charts, or documents as needed. Assist in unlimited errands and tasks as needed. Abigail Abbott Staffing Agency -Temporary Employee – Receptionist August 2006 – October 2006 Obtained full time position with Latino Psychological and Social Services thru this staffing agency. Great Circle Family Foods Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - April 2002 to August 2006 Sales Specialist/Cashier – Sold company products to walk-in and drive-thru customers using suggestive selling techniques, in a fast paced environment with quick, friendly services for customers. Desired advancement hence the subsequent leadership positions. Shift Supervisor – Oversee and direct operations of all departments in entire store; controlling production (conclude product needed, prevent excessive waste); processing (determine quality and appearance of the product), retail operations, and sanitation. Manage the production of wholesale orders, cover positions to allow for breaks, supervise cash handling, reconciling drawers, making bank deposits, assistant to other management and work overall as a team. Organize & assign tasks, complete daily reports & data entry thereof, process invoices, plan and complete product orders, train & supervise staff in all positions, ensure employee safety & the enforcement of company policies Fresh Store Manager – Plan & post employee schedules, submit payroll reports to payroll department, ensure accurate hours reported, perform weekly inventory, processing purchase orders, hire & train employees to perform in sales, cash handling, & sanitation, execute employee corrective actions, plus all other tasks of a Shift Supervisor. Centennial Education Center - September 2000-September 2001 Tutor – Walk through schoolwork with students struggling in math, ESL, and high school subjects, tutored disabled in learning basics on writing, beginning with the alphabet. California Army National Guard Reserve - April 1997-August 1998 E-1 – Completed basic training, which built in me a will to do well at anything I try to do. If got though that kind of physical and mental training, I am tough enough to get through anything.

Companies I like:

As long as the company I work for takes into consideration my own values and recognizes and respect my areas of strength, has a healthy financial budget, I don't mind who I work for.


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My organizational skills and multi tasking have made me a big help to this company. There is no limit to the variety of responsiblities that I could take on. I am definately not being paid what I am worth to this company.