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Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to express my interest in a post-doctoral position in molecular biology. I earned a PhD in molecular biology (2013). I have been working on genes characterization and screening during 10 years in academia. As a result, I have taken a strong interest in exploiting the physiological, molecular and genetic of plant stress towards crop improvement. I feel this experience in analyzing complex agronomic traits using molecular biology tools and genomic platform and my publications records makes me a strong candidate. In my PHD, I have supervised summer and master students for experiments related to functional characterization of genes. Throughout the years, I have acquired extensive experience in various techniques including: microarray analyses with bioinformatics tools, DNA, RNA and protein analysis (qPCR, Northen blotting and Western Blotting). I possess good communication skills and enjoy bench work next to research staff in order to reach a higher level of performance. I would like to invite you to see my resume for further notifications and feel free to contact me. Yours sincerely, Khalil Kane Phone number: 438-9392301 Skype adress: kanekhalil Reviewed articles Khalil Kane, Amira Moheb, Yukihara Fukushi, René Roy, Norman P.A Hüner, Ragai K. Ibrahim, and Fathey Sarhan. 2012. Daphnetin methylation stabilizes the activity of phosphoribulokinase in wheat during cold acclimation. Biochem. Cell Biol. Volume 90 issue 5, pages 657-666 Keshav Dahal, Khalil Kane, Fathey Sarhan, Bernard Grodzinski, Norman PA Hüner. 2012. Cold acclimation inhibits CO2-dependent stimulation of photosynthesis in spring wheat and spring rye. Botany. Volume 90 issue 6, pages 433-444 Keshav Dahal, Khalil Kane, Winona Gadapati, Elizabeth Webb, Leonid V. Savitch, Jasbir Singh, Pooja Sharma, Fathey Sarhan, Fred J. Longstaffe, Bernard Grodzinski, Norman P. A. Hüner. 2012. The effects of phenotypic plasticity on photosynthetic performance in winter rye, winter wheat and Brassica napus. Physiologia plantarum. Volume 144, Issue 2, pages 169–188. Monroy, A.F., Dryanova, A., Malette, B., Oren, D.H., Farajalla, M.R., Liu, W., Danyluk, J., Ubayasena, L.W.C., Kane, K., Scoles, G.J., Sarhan, F. and Gulick, P.J. (2007) Regulatory gene candidates and gene expression analysis of cold acclimation in winter and spring wheat. Plant Molecular Biology 64: 409-423

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