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RssSLP Coordinator/ Speech-Language Pathologist for Carolina Speech Associates

I am a highly trained and qualified Bi-lingual Speech-Language Pathologist for the past 25 years with extensive and unique profes- sional experiences and career who is currently (2/28/2014) available seeking employment as a SLP Supervisory Position, e.g. for a Corporation; in Speech and Communication Center; as a Lead Speech- Language Coordinator in a Public School District. I would also be interested in rendering Professional SLP Services in a variety of settings:( including SKYPE for Individuals or Groups; across the USA or for usage with International clients wanting to learn American English) who have an array of unique and different, Speech and Language problems or Disorders or may possibly only want to learn American English or acquire "Accent Reduction" and improve their American English Speaking Proficiency, etc. I am an exceptionally highly trained and qualified Speech-Language Pathologist who has an extensive SLP professional career of working with all ages from birth to age 101 years if age in a Long Term Residential Facility. I have worked with young Toddlers in the "Babynet" program in home/office settings; with Toddlers who are Speech and Language Delayed for multiple reasons: with Pre-School age children whose Speech and Language Skills are NOT "age-appropriate" and must first be evaluated to correctly determine their individual, specific and appropriate Speech/Language Goals; K-4, K-5 Kindergarten children whose Speech is difficult to understand or perhaps they aren't speaking in complete sentences or can only understand Speech but are unable to speak and communicate only by pointing, speaking a few words or phrases but can NOT speak in sentences or answer questions, verbalize their needs, wants and thoughts; are not able to move their lips, tongue, palate, etc. to produce the sounds to make words that create sentences that produce Conversational Speech; in Public or private schools as a To find an interesting and challenging SLP Supervisory position or render professional Speech/Language Services to individuals or groups in a variety of settings determined by the client's needs, personal expectations and SLP determined Communication Goals upon Speech and Language Evaluation and analysis of test results. Mrs. Feuerstein -Seale individual goals. SLP is able to work in a variety of settings: 1) In Public or Private Schools Nationally perhaps in rural settings; ESL classes of learning American English by Individuals or Businesses who may have International professionals who desire or need to attend "Accent Reduction" classes to improve their English Pronunciation and Fluency Skills by reducing their individual native, first language "accents" or "dialectal differences" in Speaking or in Writing skills American English (AE); and also Internationally; Able to work in Private Speech/Language Practices; In Hospital settings; Pediatric Out-Patient settings, e.g., In/Outpatient Speech/Language Centers across the USA; Work as a SLP "Traveler" or SLP "Contractor", SLP "Supervisor" in a Public School District or other setting; Bussinesses who To increase the proficiency of American English to Corporation's employees who are from diverse ethnic groups; To teach American English to school age or adults in a group or individual setting; To provide Professionals with accents that interfere their English Intelligibility due to pronunciation problems or diverse employee groups for corporations with professional classes to increase their English Proficiency (including Increased and Correct Pronunciation and English fluency) by providing acquisition of American English in groups with easier and rapid Learning Strategies and Exercises (Oral and Written) to increase both the Comprehension and Acquisition of American English with Individual Attention given to each student as needed. Sessions are 2 x(2 hour) sessions per week with home practice assignments given. Classes are available at work settings,office; and by Internet/Skype usage for rural, National or International classes. Another more intense American English Program is also available for Professionals/Employees/Individual from diverse countries/languages who desire to learn American English at a faster pace to more quickly and comprehensively increase their ability to comprehend(understand)and speak American English more fluently in a significantly more rapid rate if acquisition. Their ability to speak Engish would be initially assessed in order to provide optimum individual ESL goals in this Intense American English Acquisition Program which would meet 5 days per week for 2-3 hours per session for 2-3 months. As noted, each student would take a Pre-Test and Post-Test to evaluate their "Initial" proficiency of understanding/comprehending American English as well as an Assessment of their "Initial" English "Speaking" Proficiency at the beginning and at the end or termination of the American English (ESL)Program. Students will discuss and state their expectations and learning goals for the ESL Program. During the final week of the ESL Program, the SLP Class Instructor(teacher) would also then meet with each program participant to discuss their progress and also give Individual Recommendations for students who are interested in further increasing their expertise and ability to both understand and speak American English (AE) to their individual Maximum Proficiency Level(MPL). These higher level English (AE)classes would target individual and specific Goals such as the following: 1)Increase their ability to speak American English (AE) with greater "Fluency"; 2) Increase their ability to speak American English (AE)with greater or more correct "Pronununciation"; 3)Speak English (AE)with increased proficiency in using a more natural "Prosody" or speaking English using a more natural, authentic American English vocal inflectional and accent pattern; 4) "Accent Reduction" or reducing the student's individual Dialectal "differences" of his first or Native Language thus increasing his ability to be understood when speaking AE by increasing his English Intelligibility Proficiency in words, sentences and in Conversational English Production; 5)Increase the student's "Knowledge", "Familiarity and "Usage" of common American "Idioms" or verbal expressions unique to American English(AE)that will greatly enhance the student's ability to both understand conversational English with the inclusion of these common English (AE)speech expressions or("Idioms"), and also increase their acquisition of these commonly used American English Speech Expressions in order to attain a more refined and higher Proficiency Level in their Individual and personal Acquisition of American English; and 6) Attain maximum grammatical accuracy in their usage of correct plurals (regular and irregular); verb tenses(regular/irregular); "verbal sequencing" or speaking American English using the correct "word order" within a sentence which is quite different from Spanish, French and Italian Languages. common and frequently used "idioms" or English Expressions or words used when speaking English (AE)dialect and word and syllable rease pragmatic or the usage of improved1 American English ability to answer/produce questions; use common cgreater and more accurate expertise targeting greater skills/fluency to attain their Maximium Proficiency Level that would include abd === to increase both 1)Comprehension and understanding of American English; 2) Increase the student's English Verbal Fluency and the ability to speak English with reduced Dialectal interferences; 2) Increase the correct pronunciation of American English; 3) Use correct English grammar ( plurals,verb tenses, etc.); 4) fourtesies; acquire the skills to increase other common pragmatic, daily skills needed in speaking American English proficiently in a more natural American English Speech Pattern, etc. The mastery goal of the ESL program is to have each student meet their individual goals of learning American English with 80% accuracy for their given goals stated at the commencement of each level of the American English program. Additional Classes may be needed to perfect American English Pronunciation so a student's Speech Intelligibility in English is optimal in con increase more proficiency in the Acquisition of American English Prosody,i.e. (the rhythm, rate of speaking and the natural English vocal inflectional and accent patterns. As a student's proficiency to speak American English increases, classes are subsequently gradually reduced according to his expectations, goals and Speech Proficiency Level obtained or desired per individual. goals. The cost for classes is dependent upon the number of students taking the ESL Program and also the number of sessions desired or needed; the number and amount of time per ESL sessions/classes per week for Learning American English or Aprender Hablar Igles Americana En Muy Rapido Tiempo con Una Profesora de Igles. 1 Cordially yours, Elizabeth Feuerstein-Seale, M.Ed. CCC (SLP) 803-920-0601

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