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Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer I moved to Chico in 2001 to complete my undergraduate degree. I graduated from Chico State in 2006 with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and a minor in manufacturing. I have always had an interest in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and product design. In 2005, I worked for Extreme Custom Designs; Engineering design company using AutoCAD and Solid Works as a premier design CAD package. We prototyped a custom vehicle design that was later put into production. It was a fast paced job using all aspects of engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Stress Analysis and Design for Manufacturing. After Chico I moved to Bakersfield in 2010 where I gained many different skills; (WZI INC.) Environmental Impacts, Modeling of Noise and Wind, Solar Fabrication, Engineering Production, and Detail Design of Modular Components, (Fuel and Power Logistics), Sustainable Bio Refineries, Reducing Carbon Footprints, and Plant Design, just to name a few. I put my heart and soul into my job, and treat all people and projects with respect, as they are not just a number. I want my life to make a difference in someone else’s life through my career choices. I am relocating to your area, and when I read the job opening I could not have written it different. It was like I fit the criteria. I believe working with you can be a great opportunity for both parties to grow and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. I work well with others in groups and can handle independent projects as well. I can adapt to the task given small or large. I am certain this opportunity could prove to be a great experience. I am excited to hear more about this job. Matthew Eubanks, Mechanical Engineer 1459 Eaton rd.. Chico CA. 95973 Cell # 530 321-2722