Gidey Gebrehiwet D

mining expert, quarry, crusher and Auto garage Manager -13 years experience -Messebo and Derba Cement factory


Aircraft Rigging Assembler

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I have more than fifteen years work experience in different level of managerial position as mining expert and Quarry, Crusher & Auto garage Manager. I have basic knowledge on open pit mining, on conducting investigations of mineral deposits and undertake evaluations in collaboration with geologists and economists to determine whether the mineral deposits can be mined profitably, on determine the most suitable method of mining the minerals taking into account factors such as the depth and characteristics of the deposit and its surroundings, on preparation the layout of the mine development and the procedure by which the minerals are to be mined economically, prepare plans for mines and pits and haulage roads for open pit operations, plan and coordinate the employment of mining staff and equipment with regard to efficiency, safety and environmental conditions, preparation of Drilling & blasting design according the rock property, Coordinate geologists and other engineers about the design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining, as well as infrastructure such as access roads, water and power supplies, coordinate with the operations supervisor to make sure there is proper implementation of plans, prepare annual Budget estimates for the operation and control expenditure when mines begin production, oversee the construction of the mine and selection equipment, make sure that mining regulations are observed, including the proper use and care of explosives, conduct research aimed at improving efficiency and safety in mines, Plan & performance evaluation for quarry activities & machineries, Explosive specification & annual consumption preparation, Bench face opening, bench height determination according the rock strength & loading equipment type, fleet management. I hope that I have enough potential to fulfill your basic requirements and I would be very glade & most powerful, if you assign me for the post of Quarry Manager to exert my effort with dedication and honesty. With this application I will attach CV. I make available any other documents as soon as requested. Generally, I hope that I am an employee your organization; I would be do all my best regards towards the progress & success of your organization by the duties & responsibilities of my profession on which I am going to appointed. With regards Gidey G/hiwet (PhD)