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Chief Technology Officer - 3 Years of Experience - Near 100285


Chief Technology Officer

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COVER LETTER Ladies / Gentlemen, with all due respect, please study my resume and tell me if I can apply for job. Possible to say that they are not qualified may be denied because I am from Romania , and we Romanians do not have equal opportunities for applying to jobs. We are not Germans, British, Belgian or French, we are in Romania . I wish to apply for this job, I want to have equal opportunities. Even if you do not know English (and translated by google), I wish to apply for this job only in ambition and want to prove they are better than others. Thank you I Cristudor Valentin from Romania, seeking to prove that they are very good, I want to prove that we are civilized, we are highly professional and very hard working. Thank you. Please do not forget they do not know English well (a learn very quickly), please look at my experience in those areas. Thank you. I am a professional driver, worker, respectful, fair, loyal, faithful, honest, self-assertive, helpful for people who need, and ambitious. I want to return to being a driver that brings me more satisfaction of mind, I like to drive big trucks. You can not say that I have experienced because they are professional driver and experience one get by working. I do not drink, do not do drugs, are perfectly balanced mind, and very healthy. I specialize in: 1.MILITARY ( 7 years )Guard / Security / Military Driver Logistic Transport and C.L.C ( Construction telephone lines and network ) - are highly trained in the field of security are specialized in military security for perimeters and transport logistics and military type. For transport we carried out armed guard to transport weapons and military equipment military. Know how to organize a transport logistics. I have international driving license for small cars, trucks and TIR trailer. I worked in the Romanian army, I was professional military driver. I held the rank of corporal. I trained military recruits over 3 years . 2. Monitoring and escort (10 years / Prison) SAFETY - I'm an expert in escort prisoners surveillance, guard . In ten years, I learned a lot about the people I specialized in monitoring and escorting prisoners. I am very attentive to details. I have an eye for the smallest movement, even the smallest details. 3. Management ( 3 years ) SECURITY - For three years I was deputy chief of the tour. We had 18-22 people in subordinate whom they train and guide them to each entry in service. I know how to work with people, are very good manager. I finished the faculty of management, I directed a team of 18-22 people. Are ambitious, are insightful, well-organized. Folks, dare to apply for any post, because I know I organize, lead with an iron fist. Just trust me. 4. Agent dispatch ( over 3 years ) maintain in good condition all equipment and technology provided , transfer to the telephone, send faxes, mail, phone notes, etc.C.L.C ( Construction telephone lines and network ) 5. Taxi / Cab ( 3 years ) - Professional driver with certified taxi (3 years). 6. Diploma / certificate of competency for Dozer - Crawler (little experience ). P.S. My job at a security company with whom we worked: General manager: -Guard-trained agents ; Car-park management ; Participation in the selection of candidates for employment; - Participation in the examination for obtaining the certificate (in collaboration with the police). -Planning agents in service-sharing ; Free hours planning ; Control objectives where each agent carries out its activity ; Various administrative activities ; Use of lethal weapons-Training / lethal. -Law 17/1996 - The use of weapon ; Different modes of action in cases. The only problem is I do not know English well. I am interested in the following areas: Management - because I like to lead people and guide them. Security - because they are expert. Transport - because they are specialist. 15 years working in the military and are very organized. Test me and I will prove that they are very good. HOBBIES: MENTENANCE Administration Dispatch Construction - Painting and small repairs. Installations - plumbing and gas. Administrator -for homes, houses and neighborhoods. Gardening. Monitoring various activities including night C.L.C ( Construction telephone lines and network ) Mechanical Carpenter Understand English but speak little. I translated with Google translate. There are many Romanian who work for foreign corporations. Foreigners had confidence in Romanian, because they are able. They are very good in everything I do. I am loyal, honest and fair.