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Qualifications for Operations Management Being a hands-on employee, I am not afraid to help out with any task that is needed. Running a print shop in NY has been my favorite work experience, it gave me the opportunity to lead, change policy and direct the way employees worked. It was an experience that was not only a challenge, but it was a great learning process. My start in the printing industry in digital printing, and then went to flexographic printing with personalization included. I ran a high volume phone card printing shop, with secretaries, sale, prepress, graphic arts, packaging, shipping and warehouse departments. I worked with all the departments, and if time was permitting and they need help I was not opposed helping in any of the departments, doing any position. Areas of Expertise Technology Management * Assisted in moving a shop from Hempstead, NY to Hauppauge directed placement of all the equipment coordinated with a machine shop to customize equipment, reset the network, trained new employees, and set up new supply accounts. * Established a print on demand labels for packaging department. * Worked with programmer to design the print on demand packaging department running, (I worked with programmer to create a new part of the customized program, which scanned barcodes and printed labels on demand.) Beta tested the new version of the program and set up implementation of the program. Designed the format for the package, inner box and outer box labels. * Trained data programmers for entering jobs in to an Access Based program. * Print on demand (rush Jobs) Generated 12% of the work annually. * Reduced the staff while still increasing production rates. * Ran CAD 6 network lines and made the computer cables (OS-O-GS-B-BS-G-BrS-Br) * Set up Patch panel and Smart switch * Once we moved in to the building in Hauppauge, we had to adhere to production codes for food packaging, cleanliness, and storage. * I ran the narrow flexographic web production, but I also work with the wide web supervisors, in maintaining the facility. Inventory Control and vendor relations * Controlled inventory to attain a low volume of inventory while ensuring adequate supplies for daily operations. * Negotiated with vendors to attain the lowest possible price for materials and checked with other vendors to ensure the price is fair. * Beta testing for vendor, help establish a relationship which gets better pricing. (Working with venders kept the cost of UV varnish down from $3.50 per pound to $3.05 per pound. We used between 800 to 1000 pounds a month. Working with the same vender I decreased the cost of my CMYK UV inks from $10.95 to $10.50 per pound. We used between 400 to 520 pounds per month. I also learned how to mix inks from CMYK inks to save money. I set with vendors the cost inks (the board pricing) so it didn't matter which combination of inks were used for the individual job. It kept the costs the same. I worked with the graphic designer to get the art work set up, so it would be the most cost effective and use the print cylinders already owned by the shop. Employee Training * Training I have found to be extremely important. * It save on having extra employees (A lean staff with cross trained employees) * I found that putting extra effort in making sure that each and every employee is well trained, makes the employee more comfortable and more efficient at their job. (It also helps keep employee turnover down) * Promoting from within not only keeps costs down, but lowers turnover. Production Leadership * Led operations at a shop with as many as 45 employees worked with staff so that team members understand each department's role and can facilitate collaboration. * Hired, trained, and supervised programmers, pressmen, and the shrink wrap department as well as prepared top team members for advancement. * Promoted from one of five assistant managers to general manager collaborated with the owner on strategies and expense control. * Managed all aspects of production, from prepress to press to post production and shipping.


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(Confidential) Press Mechanic, Data Programmer 1/2018 - Present
Precision Label Furniture Sales 1/2015 - 1/2018
Biglots General Manager, Rc Packaging 1/2015 - 1/2018
The Aps Group Technical Specialist, Overnight Supervisor Kinko's 1/2001 - 1/2014




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