Larry B

Construction Trade Worker Manager - 13 Years of Experience - Near 70446


Construction Trade Worker Manager

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PROFILE Team-oriented Professional Commercial Diver with over 13 years of experience with diving operations, safety standards of operating, and Air and mixed gas dive table operations and limitations. Also a wide range of experience, including, Machining (CNC) and (auto lathes), Welding, underwater and topside, stic, mig, and flux core, and general operations in the G.O.M. offshore oil & gas platform/pipeline, construction field. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, ever changing environment, To have all my equipment needed, ready for each dive, and to make each dive as productive, as forward moving as possible, all while in safety minded mode, being #1, while remaining practical and focused for each individual job at hand. Professional Experience: in G.O.M. Legacy Offshore International - Amelia, Loiusiana - 09/2012 - currently employed Class 1 Commercial Gas / Air Diver: Platform removals (burning, explosives), Inspections, well head operations, 4" to 26" hot tap and sub-sea tie in assemblies, pipe line abandonment and reroute. Specialty Diving - Hammond, Louisiana - 04 / 2012 - currently employed Class 1 Commercial Gas / Air Diver/ Supervisor: Responsible for making executive decisions, and communicating directly with the Company man on board, diving & supervising on our 190' dive support vessel offshore. Supervisorial computer training for project paperwork completion for company rep's, Apache, Black Elk Exxon, etc. Diving for Army Corp of Engineers inland (Time between Bisso and Specialty Diving I was employed as a CNC machinist with Cameron INT.) Bisso Marine Diving - New Orleans, Louisiana 07/2009 to 08/2010-laid off 50% of crews. Class 1 Commercial Gas / Air Diver: Responsible for making executive decisions at times, by providing topside with accurate info of bottom worksite conditions and what needs to be done, and or how it needs to be done by conferring with the supervisor and other divers, before and after me. Key Achievement/Responsibilities: * Use of Mixed Gas Diving * Prepared hot taps, riser spools, spool pieces, leg/riser clamps, sand bags, SubMars for instillation underwater. * Repaired equipment and machines to the best of my knowledge * Participated and passed all training sessions Chet Morrison Diving - Houma, Louisiana - 05/2003 to 03/2009 Diver 2nd class Gas/Air Diver, Saturation Diver: Responsible for providing accurate info to topside, and making successful dives. Key Achievement/Responsibilities: * Earned spot in Saturation Diving. * Supervised on some jobs/ helped supervise when running 24 hr shifts with only one super, on job. * Deep gas and deep air working dives. * Repaired and showed others how to repair equipment and machines to the specs of equipment. * Hydraulic Crane Operator, offshore * Participated and passed all training sessions. Torch - New Orleans, Louisiana - 01/2003 to 07/2003 * Dive Tender/Lead Tender: Hydraulic Crane Operator offshore Responsible for fulfilling supervisor/Divers demands. Cal-Dive - Morgan city, Louisiana - 06/2002 to 01/2003 * Dive Tender: Hydraulic Crane Operator offshore Responsible for making sure dive station was ready and all air gas racks on/off as needed, and all tools ready as needed and running the deck crane for 12 hr shifts.





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