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Project Manager - 16 Years of Experience - Near 20886


Project Manager

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After 16 years as a Litigation Information Technology program manager for a major law firm, it is time for a new challenge. Your position appears well-suited for my education, experience and interest. I have a proven ability to creatively and effectively approach a problem, define its parameters, propose solutions, and act upon an agreed solution. I welcome learning and seek out advice from coworkers or superiors as needed. Most recently, I earned a second Masters degree (MSCIS) last September at Boston University. My concentration was IT Security where we diagrammed network and digital forensics along with security methodology and algorithms. I earned this degree while working full time in the litigation support field. Every day I handle software installation, beta testing, flat database design and management, server space allocation, trial network implementation, vendor liaison and contact between the firm’s clients and our legal teams. I have negotiated contracts between the firm’s worldwide clients and vendors to include pricing and data collection/processing needs to ensure each vendor is acceptable to my legal team and the firm’s client. I have expertise with EU-specific data collection and privacy. I even played a large role in finding a French-speaking vendor who can forensically collect data under Safe Harbor certification. My first Masters degree was from The Johns Hopkins University in Computers in Education. I earned this degree while teaching high school. The teaching arena improved my skills to facilitate project management and break down processes and terminology to explain to nearly anyone on their level. My organizational skills and attention to detail provide a solid platform when integrating new projects with current systems, whether independently or within a team. My undergraduate degree in Industrial Technology Education and Vocational Education (minoring in Mechanical Engineering) taught me to use CAD/CAM technology. My teaching curriculum included B&W photography and development, showing students the differences in mood, lighting, exposure, and composition. As an added challenge, I moved into infrared film exposure and development at the end of the program. My varied background—education, engineering, U.S. Coast Guard and litigation support—provide me with analytic skills and ability to self-motivate. My loyalty is evident in nearly 15 years experience within the same department and the same manager with my current employer. I seek to grow further by moving into the IT security arena where my ability to creatively and effectively approach problems are necessary given the current security issues. I hope to enjoy an opportunity to begin a career in security.