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Training & Development Manager

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My goal is to build a strong community, to grow both inward and outward, beginning with consideration and respect for natural resources, (including cleaning up our beaches, waterways, of which should be thoroughly tested and quality restored, and more astringent control on littering and contamination) Children should be at the forefront in terms of importance and inclusion in restoration efforts, to enable them to gain knowledge and consideration in an effort to avoid future, similar destruction. Clean water is crucial and necessary, and right now there is trash floating on our beaches, and it is believed there is E. Coli bacterium (reported by one source) having been tested in our lakes at the current time. Additionally, finding a better solution for energy is completely necessary, eliminating need for nuclear energy so as to end and/or minimize nuclear accidents and spills. Community and educational programs for learning about protecting our natural habitat, and for getting involved on volunteer level to invest in clean-up activities, should be offered, and incentives provided for thorough completion of work.) Aspirations included are not to pressure or cause stress to current structure, but instead, phase out old, restore what may be salvaged, and retro-act any new structures and businesses to lean toward accentuating natural surroundings while maintaining quality, safety and a suitable blend of technology with nature. In addition, there is need to restore services and distribution to a more suitable, regional and reasonable, locally containable level, small and family-owned businesses, with national and international distribution only as needed. ...highly interested in returning to a slower pace, with focus on vintage programs for families, pro-active with regard to healthcare rather than reactive, to impede or eliminate exceedingly, astronomical medical and surgical expense to families and/or government controlled and funded healthcare organizations, by promoting a healthier lifestyle through alternative medicine and therapy families might explore if desired. Also, returning to accommodate elderly, desiring more conventional methods of communication and postal services. In balance, these foci, I believe, may reduce traffic in many or all areas of communication, distribution and most of all, stress, with a potential outcome of producing a greater potential of more positive and quality-controlled output. I feel emergency communication should be made available to ALL areas of the USA and on an international level, to reduce casualties in the event of potential destruction. As for creating employment, I believe anyone who has a computer may be active in coordinating community efforts, and should be paid, government workers under the "social" (social services) program for the employment, with paid holidays and options for family funded or partially funded vacations as recommended by the same program. In working from home, I believe there may be a reduction in fuel use, and thereby reduction in need for off-shore drilling. Those who wish to continue conventional work outside the home, I believe, may have more opportunities for work, less having to hold two or three types of employment to make enough money to pay both back and current bills, and enabling businesses and government to raise the minimum wage offering. Similarly for education, government should allow benefits for moms who choose to "home-school" their children, to alleviate overcrowding in schools, and potentially enhance teaching quality closer to one-on-one training. Schools should incorporate tutors for after school, study assistance with challenged learners in effort to bring these students forward more efficiently in line with their learning peers. Finally, another aspiration I feel most important is to return tradition, and educate families and community in establishing their own system for supplemental food provisions in challenging times, remove much in the way of automated process except where absolutely needed for reasons of safety and quality, and to restore farming to ensure quality, safe, fresh foods, produce and products locally. Training may also be provided for learning about herbs and other healthy alternatives as a proactive solution to overmedicating, unnecessary use of "emergency room"/visits and hospitalization, to allow more efficient service for critical cases.