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I am an entrepreneurial executive MBA who wants to help lead a company in a positive direction when it comes to building teams, generating a ultra-positive work environment that not only helps the company but the community.


Sales Manager


Pelham, NY

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Motivating and driving myself to help a team to meet its goals and exceed expectations is what I love and what I am most passionate about. I believe that one should help the team accomplish things they never knew they could. Help lead and direct the strategy of a company who may be rudderless, and need to be shored up. Through positive reinforcement manage a team of individuals that will eventually love to come to work


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University of New Haven/Yale School of Management Business Policy and Strategy 1994 Master Degree
University of New Haven Business 1993 Bachelor Degree
University of New Haven Sociology 1993 Bachelor Degree

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Blog So Many blogs Websites, online magazine media url I pride myself in being the expert in the field in which I work. I consume information all the time from to many sources to list, Including information on how to Parent... I have a 2 1/2 year old




I am a creative, results-driven executive MBA from Yale School of Management, with over 19 years’ experience in an Executive Sales Management capacity including the hiring, developing, managing and mentoring of sales and marketing teams. An accomplished Director with high digital and mobile exposure with Rolodex of digital, mobile, brand and corporate contacts has helped me become a profitable leader of leading digital and mobile companies and ventures nationwide. Selling, evangelizing, and managing the digital sales process with a consultative approach along with exceeding expectations is what I love and what I am most passionate about. As a player/coach, I believe that a team should help each other accomplish things they never knew they could. I have been taught to praise in public, and critique in private, this philosophy allows me to help sales teams meet or exceed sales quotas ranging from $500 thousand to $110+ million. Personally, I have the ability to hit the ground running, inspiring others and producing exceptional results within a short period of time while produce multimillion-dollar sales results and grow market share and profitability. Example: - Verizon FiOS cross promotional including Web and Mobile: $2,345,000 (First 4 months at Fox) - Hyundai and Toyota New media including Mobile texting and apps: $1,767,000(First 6 Months) I have a top record of performance in business management, sales / marketing management and technical management within Global markets include European & Asian markets and US markets, including NY, LA, Boston, DC, & Chicago. I am most proud of my ability to lead and motivate by example. In 2004 when I started with Viamedia I had a staff of one, within 4 years I helped open up over 30 markets and increase my sales force to over 35. More recently, while working at NVP for start-ups they placed me at: I would go into the companies and do complete feasibility studies on everything from P&L, office space, virtual sales people, right down to how profitable or nonprofit able it the start-up based on the needs of the agencies to advertise on that particular niche site.

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Google, Amazon, AliBaba, Samsung, Apple, all internet, linkedin


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Creative, entrepreneurial MBA, with 20 years’ experience and a “hunters” mentality toward sales has led to a top record of performance in executive business management in sales / marketing management. Responsible for the technical enactment and execution of developmental sales teams within multiple US markets. Developed strategic recommendations then further implementation of overall business plan for four start-ups being considered as investments by VC firm. High energy with the experience and wherewithal to execute effective and efficient needs analysis by listening to the client’s needs helps to nurture and develop long term, trusting, relationships. Building, then motivating and driving a team to meet its goals and exceed expectations is what I love and what I am most passionate about. I lead by doing and letting all team members know that I am willing to get down in the mud beside them rather than “dictate to them” from an “ivory tower” instills trust, respect, and a desire for team members to work with me, not for me.