Osvaldo .

Trade Customs Compliance- 10 years experience


Administrative Services Manager

Education Level:

High School/GED

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1. I successfully implemented an internal customs brokerage department automated broker interface (ABI-AES). This process has resulted in over $600,000 dollars in cost savings and improved the fully interface automation of this program. This involve in the development of an interface file. This process improvement resulted in import shipments being certified for release by customs at the time the file is transmitted and receiving the customs certification in no more than 2 minutes. Therefore moving the flow of our import shipment thru customs in an expedited manner and delivering the goods to our end customers. 2. I successfully managed the U.S. Customs classification program to ensure trade compliance in accordance with the rules and regulations requirements of U.S. Customs. I ensure that all international imports shipments from Mexico, Canada, and Honduras are analyze for the correct classification codes. This involves analysis of US Customs Harmonized Tariff Schedule as well as, applying the general rules of interpretations which are the guide lines in classifying all imported items into the U.S. I effectively implemented a fully interface classification customs questionnaire this process improvement resulted in the assigning the classification harmonized code on key high volume finished goods shipments substantially reduced the processing time by 75% 3. I effectively implemented an improved the indirect shipment process for all equipment, spare parts, machinery to 13 manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Honduras. This involved the development of a robust process where an electronic interface was developed and eliminating non-value added manual data entry. This process improvement resulted in the automation and streamlining of one of our key business processes and substantially reduced the amount processing time by approximately 65% Technical Strengths and Characteristics: Bring a breadth of understanding on customs harmonized tariff classification systems, international trade compliance, customs regulations.