Amy T

Creative, innovative, patient,excellent instructor, caring,good listener, good communicator, detailed organizer, dedicated and loyal to the school or company, team worker as well as being individual, responsible, punctual, goal oriented, positive thinker,


Special Education Teacher - Preschool


Los Angeles, CA

Education Level:


Will Relocate:



Be alert,dressed business-like depending on the nature of the job. Clean and appearance must be attractive and pleasing to the interviewers. Listen caerfully and only answer the questions asked. Speak articulately and lokke at the interviewer in the eye and smile. Always have an excellent resume for the job wanted. Have 3 referrences in your resume. Make sure you are at least 15 minutes earlier unless whan you called they tell you to go in to fill am application form that need more time. Only ask pertinent questions about the job if requested to do so. Make an excellent impression for your attitude, image is vital for success in the job interview. Always send a thank you note after the interview and let them know that you will call them at a specific time when you do not hear from them, to show you are interested in the job. Personality,grooming,attitude,and respecting the poeple involved in the interview in important. Befeore the interview find out all you can about the schools,company or corporations you are applying for. Be informative and show enthusiasm in the dialog with the interviewers.




Taught piano for more than 20 years, social work 10 years, counseling more than 20 years, and played in numerous orchestras -USC, L.A. Doctor's Symphony and in chamber orchestras in churches, Only payment is in Bel Air Presbyterian Church(seasonal) and since I was a social worker for the last 10 years or more and suddenly laid off, it has been difficult to find a good reasonably paying job. Hope you can help me.

Companies I like:

Sony Pictures, Loyola Mount University, UCLA, Toyota Corporation, ABC7, NBC, Channel 11, Talk Shows-Wheel- of Fortune, KFAC, and others that I know I can work with



Leadership and goal oriented for success.