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Health Technologist - 10 Years of Experience - Near 21229


Health Technologist

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Offering over 10 years of experience in health care administration, prevention and health educator. With a proven ability to successfully drive programs that incorporate quality standards, federal compliance and community outreach and patient care. SUMMARY: An accomplished health care professional with over 10 years of experiences managing health care programs in clinical, wellness and client based services. Highly skilled in directing teams to deliver exceptional service building community awareness and organizational expectations. Notable success shaping strategic vision and developing profitability for sustained growth with a proven expertise in development, budgeting and financial planning and program analysis. Maintaining a core competency for: • Administration and Budgeting: Implements wellness protocol, interpreting clinical data assessing cost-allocation for the fiscal review. Marinating budgets, cash-flow, billing, inventor and grant based funding • Program Manager: Developed Health Care Outreach and Education programs for Riverside Health, Saint Agnes Hospital and the National Institute of Health for Employee Heat. Collaborated with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for healthy weight management for cancer recovery and geriatric care at NIH, Recreation and Welfare • Specialty Education: Developed a system analysis for orthopedic and spine pre and post-surgical patients; accessing at Saint Agnes Hospital. Collected data for exercise and mental health disease as part of Johns Hopkins Randomized Trial for the Achieving Healthy Lifestyles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Adult Care (ACHIEVE). Established preventive and disease management programs for health promotion and education operative in conjunction with the Executive Manager for department project analysis. Authored Saint Agnes Hospital Wellness material for web based and printed materials. Additional Professional Training as a: o Key Note Speaker for Stevenson’s University 2014 Residency Weekend, a formal discussion for health care and project management skills and mentor for the graduate student CAPSTONE for Health Care Quality Assurance program o Providing youth outreach services through New All Saints Church, developing adolescents and young adults in areas of business and personal health care o Teaching Nutrition and Wellness for 15 West Baltimore Churches as part of the Women’s Heart to Heart Health Campaign o Developing Health Prevention Curriculums for Postpartum Care, Childhood Immunization and Diabetic Awareness for state Medicaid Requirements o Creating exercise prescription for Cardiac Rehabilitation Graduates, Third Tier treatment for Physical Therapy patients; developing health and nutrition programs for Bariatric Nutrition Program