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Medical Transcriptionist


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Gail Business: Cooley Dickinson Hospital 9/27/87 - present 30 Locust Street Northampton, MA 01060 Tel: 1-413-582-2000 See below for job description. VA Medical Center 1/86 – 9/27/87 Main Street Transcriptionists Leeds, Ma 01053 Tel: 1-413-584-4040 Transcribed H&P, Discharge Summaries, Admission Notes. Children’s Aid and Family Service 8/79- 1/86 8 Trumbull Road Transcriptionists, state billing Northampton, MA 01060 Tele: 1-413-584-5690 Transcribed weekly visits on clients, third party billing, state billing, greeted patients, answered phone, called and canceled and made appointments for patients. I have been working at Cooley Dickinson Hospital since 9/27/1987 to the present: I worked in Medical Records from 9/27/87 to 2/15/95 transcribing Admission Notes, History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations including Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and ENT, and Op Notes. Also transcribed SOAP (Emergency Room) reports while in Medical Records. While in Medical Records I learned how to transcribe reports on a computer and trained other transcriptionists in transcribing on computers, printing SOAP reports on 3-part paper on printers. From 2/15/95 to present I have worked in Radiology transcribing all radiology reports in a timely and efficiency manner for 7 radiologists. For about 9 months have been transcribing letters and reports for an Interventional Radiologist. I also transcribe Echocardiograms for 6 cardiologists in Radiology. I have been Radiology Transcription Assurance Coordinator for the past 8 years training new transcriptionists, keeping 12 hour turn-around time for reports, training transcriptionists on new software programs. I manage 4 at home transcriptionists and 3 in house transcriptionists. I transcribe radiology reports for 7 radiologists and 1 interventional radiologist, and 6 cardiologists. Have worked many hours in the past 6 months (65-70 hour weeks) learning a new software program (Imagecast) and training other radiology transcriptionists on how to use this new software program while keeping up with a 12 hour turn-around time. I have been trained and have trained others on TA (Transcription Assistance), CCA (Cyberad), Word Client (Dictaphone Transcription- used in type echocardiograms), and IDX (Imagecast- all radiology reports). Have knowledge of word perfect and Microsoft word. Sets up and programs Dictaphone units according to department standards for both radiologists and transcriptionists. I am coordinator of joblister (a Dictaphone program that list all jobs ready for transcription) for Radiology transcriptionists to distribute work. Review daily reports not signed by the radiologists and outstanding reports to verify that all needed transcription is completed and becomes part of the medical record. Research duplicate, missing, incorrect or incomplete orders and resolves appropriately. Makes corrections as necessary or follows up on missing or incorrect transcription, utilizing appropriate interpersonal communication techniques. Prioritizes work in backlog situations and assigns to transcriptionists to ensure most urgent transcription is completed first. Until February 2007 faxed work to at home transcriptionists. Assist the at home transcriptionists in any problems the transcriptionists have with transcription. Ensures adequate unit coverage by reviewing employee work schedules and adjusting schedules to fit the need of the department. Transcribes Radiologists’ letters, memos, interdepartmental correspondence, recall notices, records of meetings, critique notices and departmental business as requested. To Whom It May Concern: I write this letter in support of Gail Gagne. I have worked with her for ten years since coming to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in 1997. It has been a pleasure. She has been the leader of transcription since I came to CDH. She has always performed well with exceptional attention to detail and unflagging diligence. Her work ethic is exemplary. She has worked long hours filling in for others when necessary to get work done. She has smoothly managed the complex milieu of on- and off-site transcriptionists even when understaffed. She is a fine transcriptionist who I turn to when I need a complex case transcribed quickly and accurately. I recommend Ms. Gagne most highly and will be sorry to see her leave. Sincerely, James Donnelly, MD Vice Chief of Radiology, Cooley-Dickinson Hospital 413 582-2101 To Whom It May Concern: I’m pleased to write this letter on behalf of Gail Gagne. I am an attending Radiologist at Cooley Dickenson Hospital and have known Gail for almost three years. In that time Gail has proven herself to be one of our most valued employees on the ancillary staff. She is a consistent hard worker, who demonstrates initiative, resourcefulness, and outstanding interpersonal skills. She is truly delightful to work with and will be an asset to your team. I highly recommend her to you without any reservations. If I can be of anymore help do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Joseph R. Polino M.D. Radiologist 413-582-2101