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Industrial Engineer - 20 Years of Experience - Near 18235


Industrial Engineer

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I'm a contract industrial engineer doing business over 30 years for 50 plus corporations involving approximately 200 projects. I can either analyze an entire factory or distribution center to develop a cost reduction master plan prior to implementation or perform productivity projects within the facility. The operational analysis that I perform is a detailed modernization ROI exercise in the stockroom, fabrication, assembly, w-i-p and finished goods departments and addresses materials handling mechanization & product automation feasibility as well as direct labor control systems. This is an industrial engineering critique of plant wide operations and includes: · Projected staffing based on 5 year sales forecast after my recommendations are installed · Plant-wide/departmental/work station layout · Equipment specs/RFQ/quotes · Semi-automation tooling techniques such as pick & place robotics/precision vibratory grids/auto screw insertion/auto carton form & seal · Detailed productivity recommendations · Alternative material handling systems · Phased modular segments of our recommended system. My productivity projects are direct labor controls including time study, line balancing, layout, industrial engineered standards and methods, industrial incentives, short-interval-scheduling & labor reporting. My productivity specialization project is in the semi-automation of assembly operations using paced production lines and robotic work cells - I've installed over 100 production lines for over 1000 finished products. I also specialize in stockroom pick and pack systems with companies such as Dormer in Reading, PA whose system I designed and implemented in 1978 involving multiple retrieval carousels and a paced packaging system that is still going strong. Most recently, I've been involved in the creation of a plant-wide gain sharing system for a steel coil manufacturing facility in Massachusetts; an Army Depot tank transmission reassembly line in Alabama; two paced assembly lines for several refrigeration products in a Georgia factory; a time study analysis of a dinner tray processing line and component preparation for an Arkansas food manufacturer; and a conventional produce distribution center assisting in the development of their labor standards.