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Richard Apel | Creative Director/Writer After more than 27 years in the business, I began as a “general” copywriter. I’ve spent the last 15 years specializing in the integrated arena with an emphasis on CRM/Direct Response/Social Media programs. My creative philosophy is fairly simple. I have a passionate belief that if time allows, there should never be a shortage of concepting big ideas. And out of that group, there should be at least a few everyone can agree upon as “best solutions.” My goal is always to generate creative work that not only achieves measureable results, but also builds the brand simultaneously. With the help of many brilliant collaborators, I’ve been fortunate to accomplish this in all media—including bathroom graffiti—wherever, whenever, or however the customer wants to be reached. And all for a variety of brands in various categories. Since September of 2012, I've spent my time creative directing/writing on contract with AdPeople for the Dell account, U.S. Money Reserve promoting gold and silver coins, Catalyst educating students/parents about dormitories, and most recently at selling the best solar power systems in the world. Before that and for the previous six years, I was the creative lead on the AT&T DRTV account at GSD&M, as well as supporting AARP, Hallmark, Southwest Airlines, Air Force, BMW and many other roster clients through general brand awareness, as well as integrated solutions. In a few former lives, I’ve had the privilege to work on such clients as Honda/Acura, RadioShack, Campbell’s Soup, Carnation Worldwide, various P&G brands and many others. And yes, I can still remember receiving my B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas (Still a very apropos degree for this business). Richard Apel 9415 McNeil Dr., #316 Austin, TX 77850-8550 817.939.0511