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Electrical Engineer - 20 Years of Experience - Near 21911


Electrical Engineer

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Are you looking for Growing Your Business Via Creative And Dynamic Management, Intelligent Ideas, And Perfect Engineering Ideas; Building Up Your Teams To Be Professional; Saving Your Money Via Creative, Fast Troubleshooting, Radical Solutions To The Complex And Chronic Problems; Saving And Reduce The Costs Of The Spare Parts; Creative, Perfect And Intelligent Projects Management; Introducing New Engineering Ideas, New Control Strategies, Creative Design; Notability And Distinction In Conferences, Seminars, And Celebrations; Someone Brilliant? Here's What You're Looking For!!! Here is The World Of Instrumentation And Control Engineering Field; IT, Computer, Communication Engineering Field; And Projects Management Field, I Seek A Challenging Career That Meets My Goals Whereby I Can Develop And Utilize My Technical Experiences, Where I Can Innovate And Show My Real Capabilities And Potential. Also Apply And Develop My Technical And Personal Skills. I Am Instrumentation And Control Engineer Since 1987. 27 years Total Successful Experience 27 years successful experience in Instrumentation and Control Engineering: Control Systems, Field devices, Networks, Industrial Networks, ESD, PLC, DCS, HART, FFB, SIS,ICSS Systems applied in Chemical Fertilizers, Nitrogen Fertilizers, Chemical Industries ,Oil & Gas ,Power & Energy , Petrochemicals , Petroleum ,Utilities, Water resources & Treatment, Methanol, Natural Resources, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia plants, Natural Gas, Gas Reformers, Methanation, Ammonia converters and reactors, Steam Boilers, Steam turbines, Gas turbines, Synthesis gas process& Compressors, Generators, Urea plants, Urea reactors and strippers, Nitric Acid plants, Ammonium Nitrate plants, UAN plants, NPK plants, NK plants, Water treatment plants, Utilities plants as Instrumentation and Control Engineer. 27 years successful projects management experience including all project life cycle phases: ITB, Feasibility study, FEED Study, Engineering and design, Contract preparation, Bidders proposal evaluation, Planning, Design, Monitoring and Control, Leading, System specifications, Detailed function description, Technical proposal evaluation, Construction & Execution, Details engineering ,FAT, Commissioning & SAT, Punch list preparation , Start-up and final take over. 27 years successful IT engineering staring before MS-DOS environments and XT personal computers; programming languages; software and hardware, Networks engineering passing through all updates till now. 27 years successful Managements and Top Managements, Creative And Dynamic Management, Intelligent Ideas, And Perfect Ideas, Building Up Teams To Be Professional via Training, Teaching, Staff leader, High energy activities, Strong personality, and High Technical manager, team builder, Team leader, Creative ideas and solutions, Modern management. 27 years successful lecturer and trainer given A lot of lectures in a lot of subjects for Engineers and Technicians and also training them. REWARDS The Ideal Employee Prize in Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company 1990 due to the great role in constructing a new plants Abu Qir 2 Factory (ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate), 36 months, 500 million USD. The Ideal Employee Prize in Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company 1998 due to the great role in constructing a new plants Abu Qir 3 Factory (ammonia, urea), 36 months, 650 million USD.