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PROFILE: Hello, my name Ms. Lynette Allen. I am attending GSU for my Master’s in Addiction and Drug Counseling. I am studying to take the LSW and in the course of my education and employment, I have worked as a Clinical Case Manager, Child Welfare Specialist within the Social Services arena. I’ve obtained my Master’s Degree in Social Work along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration and a Certificate in Long-Term Care from Governor State University. I am certified in Domestic Violence and licensed with DCFS for the State of Illinois. I am also a Licensed Foster parent, certified to teach CPR and a Mandated Reporter. I have attained an Illinois State Board of Education Certificate, and certified in CPI. I am also DSP/DHS Certified. I’ve gain experience as a Supervisor in different work areas along with experience as a Phlebotomist with Medical Terminology. I have worked in the Hospital and Nursing Home arena as a CNA, Unit Secretary, Supervisor and ER Technician, working along with adults and youth with Mental Health Diagnosis such as: Bipolar, Dementia, Schizophrenic, etc. I have worked with youth with substance abuse and youth with intellectual disabilities, as well as youth whom are wards of the State. I have been exposure to residents with behavior problems that may include physical acting out and require safe physical management skills, exposure to residents with complex mental health issues and/or disorders. Exposure to youth with various states of cleanliness and hygiene. Exposure to various health related conditions or residents of a communicable nature which requires precaution and adhering to medical instruction and exposure to communicable diseases of youths. I have worked with Senior Citizens in nursing homes as well as advocating for the constituents within area communities. Memberships: American College of Healthcare Executive An Alumni member at Governor State University An Affiliate of the American Heart Association (CPR Instructor) A member of the NASW A member of the Omicron Beta Chapter/Phi Alpha Honor Society Thank you, for reviewing my resume and I look forward to speaking with you.