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Professional Summary Heather Trevis has worked within the retail industry for over twenty-five years; twenty years have been in a management capacity. Starting off at the bottom and working into the Retail General Manager/Buyer position currently held has proven that life is full of lessons, good and bad, however tenacity is the only ambition one should strive to achieve for optimal success in any of life’s venue’s, especially professional. Selected as the first Cleveland district Training Store Director with Hollywood Video was a privilege, and an eye opening transition into Human Resources. Recruiting, training, coaching and increased development of employees is an exhilarating undertaking and the rewards are directly associated with success in business. Uneducated, unmotivated, and unhappy employees result in lousy customer service, sales, profits and shrink. Service is a vital key to creating the ultimate customer experience which goes hand in hand with building a strong sales base as well as generating new business and growth. Heather Trevis was instrumental in developing interviewing guidelines, hiring practices, job fairs and creating training worksheets, drills and workbooks. Staying on top of day to day new hires as well as insuring reviews, raises and payroll standards met both company and state specific regulations. Upholding the “Star Treatment” standard gave her the opportunity to transition all stores into having an employee hall of fame and of course Heather’s home based store holding the nationwide company record in customer compliments. This set a precedence of pride amongst the stores and team members who were then driven to always take the extra step to make every guest visit an extraordinary experience. The next challenge was to turn a medium volume location with an uncontrollable shrink and loss into a high volume model store with little to no shrink and employee retention. The challenge was accepted right here at home in downtown Cleveland’s Tower City. Heather Trevis was able to increase revenue from $25,000 to $62,000 during the holiday season by having Santa’s annual holiday workshop moved right next door to the Sweet Factory location. Heather then provided the elves with a certificate for a sweet treat from Santa bringing the children and their parents into the store in record breaking numbers. It was a new taste at advertising and marketing that proved quite successful! Within three months Heather’s Regional Manager created a new district in order to promote and expand on her success throughout the company. Thrown into a world wind of new opportunity in different East Coast States, she went from six stores the first year to 16 by her second year in the position. Heather once again started with insuring the ultimate Customer Service, writing new policies, creating employee incentive programs and evolving with consumer’s limitations throughout the economic recession. Managers were taught how to read a PNL, control inventory as well as shrink, recruit, train and coach the right people for their individual teams. The end result was a positive district; she was able to take 7 negative stores and turn them profitable. Heather Trevis partnered up with the then COO, assisting in the transition to Franchise owner of sixteen stores, across nine states. She quickly educated herself on each states different city and county tax structures, operation regulations, health department codes and labor law requirements. It was a successful endeavor turning these stores from a 3.2 million dollar business into a 5.5 million dollar competitive company in just three years. As the Retail buyer for MSE Branded Foods at the Akron Canton Airport, she has networked and established relationships with several local entrepreneurs’; artists, fashion designers, confectionary companies, even a Shark Tank recruit have a chance to achieve their dreams. She is currently selling their various products in retail spaces throughout the gift shops, quite successfully. Being able to constantly recruit new product, teaching people marketing strategies, packaging techniques, and merchandising is a true inspiration and extremely satisfying. Through decades of achievements and professional experience, Heather Trevis’ outstanding legacy became the result of her efficient leadership, positive attitude, and her unwavering necessity to do the "right" thing even when it’s the most difficult. Her perseverance, loyalty to tradition, and the knowledge that the value of a lesson learned is truly priceless have all proven to be extraordinary assets in the making of a successful business.