La Tonisha S

Registered Nurse - 17 Years of Experience - Near 75154


Registered Nurse

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. I am highly qualified professional personnel capable of undertaking various cases related with health field. In my previous job, I was responsible for improving physical health, understanding medication and medical benefits, nutrition planning and symptom identification. As a team leader for 2 and 1/2 years, I supervise 8 to 12 employees providing, coaching, mentoring and engendering accountability for staff development and performance. I was established RN within the Heart Center at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. I have started my career in inpatient area at the bedside, which includes assessment and evaluation, patient and family education regarding medications and treatment, lab work, and development of documentation topics, including care plans that are diagnosis specific. I have exceptional ability to establish rapport with customers (patients and families) and peers to gain trust so that the Heart Center continues to deliver outstanding customer service. As a team leader for 8 years, I supervise 12 employees providing, coaching, mentoring and engendering accountability for staff development and performance. My experience and education have provided me with excellent knowledge of leadership, family relations and staff development The following are highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments: • Staff Development: Mentored a senior clinical tech to create the orientation process for new clinical techs that will be used on C8 and be used as a starting point for house-wide clinical tech orientation. • Strong education advocate: Stepping into the interim educator and adjunct educator position as well as providing “Just in Time” education when needed. • Commitment to Excellence: Committed to delivering superior customer service; effectively build solid client relations, promptly respond to needs and inquiries, and diplomatically respond to and resolve escalated issues to ensure high levels of satisfaction. • Critical Thinking: Monitored staffing patterns and adjusted hospital personnel based on census and acuity. • Strong Team Leadership Capability: Provide staff members with positive reinforcement and motivate them to do their best. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills combine with my ability to work well under pressure will enable me to make a substantial contribution your hospital I am also highly self-motivated, driven, pragmatic, and reliable with a strong since of commitment and loyalty to family and carrier. I am eager to find work in the area of case manager or as a pediatric nurse. Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. I am extremely enthusiastic to engage further into my nursing career. Please consider my resume and if interested. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. If given the opportunity to work at your facility, I will perform the standard of care exclusive to the scope of nursing, while adamantly adhering to the institution’s policies on clinical practice. Please contact me at any time for further arrangements.