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The michael jordan of restaurant cooks


Restaurant Cook


Philadelphia, PA

Education Level:

High School/GED

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hard working individual, always a team player, love the kitchen enviroment,loyal, respectful there to get the job done


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suray promtions (Confidential) 8/2006 - 6/2007
Lonestar (Confidential) 3/2005 - 7/2006
Top dog restaurant (Confidential) 4/1999 - 5/2004



William Penn High Health 1999 High School/GED Degree



Les Anthony Moore 1128 S. 54th Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19143 (215)729-3235 Career Objective: Obtain a restaurant management position that will utilize my knowledge and experience of seeing how a kitchen should be run, and apply this knowledge. Work Experience: Dishwasher Kat Man Du - Philadelphia, PA. May 1997-September 1997 As a dishwasher at Kat Man Du one of my responsibilities was to clean all the dishes, pots, pans and the dish area. After dishes were clean I my duty was to make sure that all pot’s, pans and dishes were put away in their designated area were they were to be organized. At the end of each every shift I was responsible for sweeping and mopping the dish area floor, also I was duty bound to clean the dish machine and remove any food particles from in or around the dish machine. Dishwasher, Expediter, Line Cook Dock St. Brasserie - Philadelphia, PA. November 1997-January 1998 As a line cook for Dock Street It was my duty to have all dinner meals prepared in the time frame of 12-15 min. As a Expediter at Dock Street I learned how to dress plates with various garnishes such as kale, thyme, etc. and this was my responsibility as a expediter. As with any station I was responsible for keeping my station clean during and at the end of each and every shift. Line Cook IHOP - Warrington, PA. March 1998-May 1999 (April 2002-March 2003) As a line cook at IHOP I was responsible for preparing all breakfast menu items in the time frame of 3-5 minutes. As a requirement lunch items were set to a 5- 7 minute limit. To ensure the safety of all customers of the IHOP establishment I was responsible to make sure all perishables covered and refrigerated at all times. Line Cook Top Dog Restaurant - Cherry Hill, NJ. April 1999-August 2001 (April 2003-June 2004) As a Line cook at Top Dog Restaurant I had many titles from being a broil cook where I would prepare steaks, fish and other menu items as well as to make sure food was sent out the kitchen accordingly. There were other stations on the line that I had to be knowledgeable about such as pantry, fry, and sauté. The complete kitchen is to be cleaned restocked and pans changed over at the end of each shift. Broiler Cook Applebee’s - Philadelphia, PA. June 2004-January 2005 As a broil cook for my main responsibility was to cook steaks to desired temperature and place upon plate. I was also responsible for keeping grill as clean and clear of ash as possible which makes for better tasting and faster cooking meat. Broiler was to broken down and cleaned thoroughly at the end of each shift. Broil/Line Cook Lonestar Steakhouse and Saloon-Cherry Hill, NJ. March 2005-June 2006 As a Broil/line cook at Lonestar I am responsible for cooking the product of the customer’s request to the desired temps in or under 14 minutes. I am also to make sure that I am operating in clean and sanitary environment. There is a Lonestar spec. that I have to adhere to while preparing all Lonestar menu items, no shortcuts. At the end of each shift the broiler is to be detailed, cleaned and left dry for the next shift. Demonstrating Chef Surray Promotions/Acme- Cherry Hill, NJ. July 2006- Present As a demonstrating chef I prepared recipes daily for all customers Education: William Penn - Philadelphia, PA, 19143 September 1996-June1999 Diploma awarded Perfect Attendance 96-98 Certificate of meritorious honor Interests: I love to be challenged Healthy work environment Able to better myself on a daily basis References: (References are available on request.)

Companies I like:

The Cheesecake factory, any four star retaurant


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Prepare meats to desired temperature in a timely manner,without taking away any quality.