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Heavy Truck Driver - 9 Years of Experience - Near 99301


Heavy Truck Driver

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see atta Terry L. Mitchell 8106 Canyon Drive  Pasco, WA 99301  509.851.7662  PROFILE: Heavy Equipment Operator / Environmental Cleanup ~ Offer strong professional background in hazardous materials handling and disposal ~ Highly qualified and results-driven construction, environmental cleanup/disposal, and cargo handling professional with more than ten years’ experience to include overseas assignments. Robust history organizing and leading teams from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds often overcoming difficult language barriers. Computer savvy. Extensive experience leading environmental cleanup teams under great duress and harsh work conditions. Well regarded for creating and maintaining a positive and collaborative work environment. Strong reputation for organizing groups for a common objective. Strengths Include: Team Leadership | Well Organized | Details Driven | Deadline Focused Work Flow Planning | Conflict Resolution | Flexible Work Style | Staff Mentoring & Training SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Flawless career safety record. 20+years’ holding a CDL Class A certification with doubles, triples, tankers, and Hazmat endorsements. Skilled in operating excavators, backhoes, front end loaders, dozers, skid steer trenchers, motor graders, super stackers, and forklifts. Trained in confined space work methods for trenches and pits. WORK EXPERIENCE Service Employees International (contracted with Fluor FCG)  Afghanistan  2011 - 2014 Environmental Municipal Waste Technician Collected transported, prepared, and disposed of hazardous medical waste. Executed emergency response and clean ups. Recognized and identified hazardous wastes. Maintained extensive records as required by regulatory agencies. Managed team of 30 locals and expatriates with full hiring and termination responsibilities. Contributed to performance evaluations. Wrote and modified Standard Operating Procedures rendering significant savings in time and funds. Kellogg Brown and Root  Baghdad, Iraq  2009 - 2011 Incinerator Operator / Environmental Waste Technician Incinerated medical and solid waste. Quantified and determined loading levels. Evaluated the suitability of waste to be incinerated. Loaded and adjusted equipment for proper incinerations. Disposed of ash and other residual materials from incineration. Recorded equipment operational conditions to include weight and primary and secondary chamber temperature and reported any abnormalities; took appropriate preventative or emergency action to control malfunctions such as closing valves and adjusting bypasses and shutdown equipment. Trained staff on job functions and safety procedures. Strong history of assessing potential operational failures and implementing preventative measure to prevent downtime. Kellogg Brown and Root  Iraq  2006 - 2009 Heavy Equipment Operator Performed all aspects of site preparation for forward operating bases in Iraq. Cleaned sites and graded earth in dessert and urban environments. Assisted in site layout and design of military, civilian, business, and living spaces. Executed trenching for electrical and plumbing projects. uploaded and downloaded convoys to meet time-critical mission requirements. Supervised a team of 6 workers while serving as an Incinerator Operator. In charge of the maintenance of a 6-ton, 12-ton, and 30-ton incinerator unit. Benton County  Kennewick, WA  2000 - 2006 Heavy Equipment Operator Performed a wide variety of road maintenance for the County’s Road Department to include installing dry wells and catch basins. Team member in road construction from base to blue top. Completed road clearing and applied road condition chemicals during inclement weather. Petroleum Pump, Inc.  Kennewick, WA  1993 - 2000 Pipe Fitter Installed above and below ground tanks and petroleum pumps. Assessed sites for decommissioning. Skilled in all aspects of preparing sites using surveying equipment. using numerous pieces of heavy equipment to accomplish these tasks.