Hiram C

Electrician - 7 Years of Experience - Per Diem Preferred - SW Louisiana to Baton Rouge - East Houston to Texas/Louisiana Border



Education Level:

Trade School

Will Relocate:



I am seeking the challenging position of Journeyman Electrician in an Industrial Construction Environment. As you can see, I am willing to travel and work away from home with Per Diem Pay, and it is those available, advertised positions I would most prefer to be matched with and considered for. I also would like, and welcome, an opportunity to complete training for an NCCER-certified Journeyman's license, if that should be available. I have 3-1/2 yearsâ?? experience as an Apprentice Electrician/Helper IV in an industrial setting (coal-powered energy and LNG plants, as well as oil refineries). I have trained under several NCCER Certified Master and Master Plus Journeyman Electricians, and have over 4-1/2 yearsâ?? experience as a Journeyman Electrician, although not NCCER Certified. I have taken and successfully completed several NCCER Craft Core Curriculum Classes towards certification. I think I would be a good fit for the advertised jobs because of my previous experience as an electrician. I have a strong work ethic, am reliable and have shown an ability and willingness to study and comprehend technology and train others. I am comfortable working in confined and extreme spaces, under difficult working conditions, and for long hours. Typically, I worked in small crews (three to five people) with little to no supervision; other crewmembers looked to me as a crew leader for advice in performing the electrical work. I believe my experience, training and work histories make me a great candidate for the posted Electrician positions. I have also proven that I am willing to work long hours, including nights and weekends.