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I like to check and verify the work of others while assisting them to do better will also help me be a more productive team player.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 11/2004 - Present
Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) (Confidential) 4/1990 - 9/2004



Kaplan College Business Administration/Accounting Major 1983 Associate Degree



ROBERT LEE BRADLEY PERMANENT ADDRESS: ROBERT BRADLEY 10708 Tanbark Dr Indianapolis, IN 46235 Phone Numbers: Daytime Phone: 317-437-3213 Evening Phone: 317-823-9170 EMAIL ADDRESS: EXPERIENCE: 09/2006 to present, Auditor, Westaff Supervisor: Shaun Bass Phone: 317-510-5612 Annual salary: 29,474 Weekly hours worked: 40 I was transferred to Ms. Bass section when Mr. Guthrie’s section was disbanded to audit vouchers. I audited contingency and army vouchers. Both types of vouchers vary from a few days to a few months to a year or more. Each type uses more than one order to direct each service member to various locations throughout the country/world. Each trip may have more than one appropriation funding the vouchers from one or more different funding sources. Sometimes the vouchers needed to be rejected and returned to the processor or forwarded to another processing section. On occasion I refer to various regulations and internal guidelines to ensure proper reimbursement. I also deliver the vouchers to the upload section on a rotational basis. I also do a physical count of vouchers awaiting audit, corrections back from the processing technicians, interest from the processing technician, and ready to be delivered to the upload section on a daily basis. 05/2006 to 09/2006, Accounting technician/Auditor, Westaff Supervisor: Perry Guthrie Phone: unknown Annual Salary: $29,474 Weekly hours worked: 40 I processed contingency vouchers for about 3 months. The contingency vouchers varied in complexity from a few days to a few months to a year or more. I then started auditing vouchers in early August. The section started processing reserve vouchers about this time. I needed to be flexible to changes in policies and procedures. I also made adjustments for updates in the regulations. 03/2005 to 05/2006, Accounting technician/auditor, Westaff Supervisor: Tina Solie Phone: unknown Annual Salary: $29474 Weekly hours worked: 40 I logged vouchers for about 3 weeks. I then was assigned to audit vouchers to Bosnia. The Bosnia vouchers were often up to 2 years in length using more than one set of orders and several accounting lines often crossing over more than one fiscal year. This was done for about 3 months. I also delivered the vouchers to the contingency upload section on a rotational basis. Our section was assigned to process reserve travel vouchers. I was assigned to audit reserve vouchers. The reserve vouchers were much less complex to process and audit. About mid January 2006 our section was assigned to process contingency vouchers. I learned how to audit contingency vouchers which generally have many orders and two to eight accounting lines. I have been the person my supervisor primarily comes to as to how many vouchers are ready for upload. I have also created an updated DNO matrix guidance for processing reserve vouchers from an old one and have made the schedule for auditors meetings with other auditor from other sections. I used Microsoft Excel to generate the matrix and schedule. I have needed to refer to the JFTR/JTR and the PPG from time to time. 11/2004 to 03/2005, Accounting technician/auditor, Westaff Supervisor: James Hooks Phone: unknown Annual Salary: 29,474 Weekly hours worked: 40 I audited vouchers processed by several technicians which varied greatly in complexity. After auditing I returned them for corrections. When the vouchers are complete and no more corrections are needed I release them to be uploaded for payment. I prepared a spreadsheet and delivered the vouchers to the upload section for payment. I also used the JTR/JFTR to answer questions periodically. 07/1997 to 09/2004, Lead Accounting Technician, Defense Finance & Accounting Service Supervisor: Ricardo Garcia Phone: 317-510-7976 PP/Series/Grade: GS–525-6 Employment Type: Permanent Annual Salary: $33,042 Weekly hours worked: 40 I provide leadership guidance to technicians processing Temporary Duty (TDY) voucher which vary in complexity. I perform audits on vouchers and return any corrections as needed prior to payment. The corrections are verified, and then released to disbursing for payment or collection. I perform uploads and downloads within two accounting systems. I perform uploads in the Defense Joint Military Software (DJMS) which has been upgraded. I provide assistance to internal and external customers as needed. I manage the flow of incoming documents to insure proper distribution for processing. Recently, I have performed a variety of supervisory reports and duties while maintaining my own workload. I have been in charge of the travel section on a two week rotational basis 05/30-06/12/04 and 07/11-24/04. I also researched answers to questions from technicians and customers using the JTR/JFTR. 04/1996 to 07/1997, Accounting Techician, Defense Finance & Accounting Service Supervisor: Lisa Peer PP/Series/Grade GS–525-5 Employment Type: Permanent Annual Salary: $28,000 Weekly Hours Worked: 40 I received Temporary Duty (TDY) settlement vouchers for non-government, civilian and military personnel to and from various parts of the country/world. The data on these vouchers are verified, prepaid, and processed for debiting/crediting the respective accounts of the settlement claim. The settlement vouchers are forwarded to the disbursing department for payment/billing. 06/1992 to 04/1996, Payroll Technician, Defense Finance & Accounting Service Supervisor: Karen Bartel PP/Series/Grade: GS – 544 – 5 Employment Type: Permanent Annual Salary: $25,000 Weekly hours Worked: 40 I established and maintained individual time, leave and pay records for a variety of employees’ types. I maintain a large number of accounts, having a large volume of pay transactions with an assortment of appointments and/or pay entitlements. I also verify the accuracy of information on a variety of personnel actions (including time and attendance records, overtime, night differentials, taxes, ascensions, separations, demotions, etc.) EDUCATION: Kaplan College, Davenport, IA Associates Degree, Business Administration/Accounting Major, GPA: 3.43, 11/1986 TRAINING: Call Center Customer Service 08/19/2003 Excellence in Service: Communicating with your Customer 07/28/2003 Excellence in Service: Working with Upset Customers 07/28/2003 Excellence in Service: Provide Superior Customer Service 07/25/2003 Interpersonal Communications: Telephone Skills 07/22/2003 Inbound Customer Service 07/22/2003 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 10/23/2001 Government Accounting Finance Reporting & Budgeting 08/08-10/2000 Government Finance Management & Control 07/19-20/2000 Government Environment 07/18/2000 Overview & Knowledge Assessment 07/17/2000 Appropriations Law 09/07-10/1999 Principles of Accounting I, II 6 semester hours 09/1994-05/1995 HONORS, AWARDS, AND SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Outstanding Performance Award 01/01-03/31/07 Outstanding Performance Award 10/01-12/31/2005 Customer Service Award 05/12/2004 On-the-Spot cash Award 03/08-19/2004 Performance 08/10/2002 Time off Award 01/24/2002 Customer Service Award 08/02-05/1999 Performance 06/29/1999 Exceptional 04/01/1995-03/31/1996 Exceptional 05/01/1994-03/31/1995 Special Act or Service 08/04/1994

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churches, camping companies (such as KOA), finance and accounting companies, The number of companies are too many to list, so the types were listed.


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Auditor, I audit vouchers processed by other personnel, return for corrections, check and return or release to the next step in the payment process. I have also lead a small team of technicians a few years back and would like the opportunity to lead again.