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Internal Behavioral Health Consultant/Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Whiteman Air Force Base - 509th Medical Group 331 Sijen Ave. Whiteman AFB Mo. 65305. Civilian Contract Employee with Kahuna Associates Llc. Manage the Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) Provide integrated care integrating behavioral health services into primary care practice * Provide mental health support to military personnel and their dependents * Diagnose military personnel and their dependents Provide individual/family/group therapy Provide trauma therapy * Provide drug & alcohol counseling/treatment * Provide behavioral management for the obesity program * Evaluate military personnel prior to deployment and when they return from deployment Provide case management care coordination and discharge/disposition planning for inpatient and outpatient care settings * Assists service members and/or veterans family members and care givers with receiving the most appropriate options and services to meet their complex health care needs including but not limited to: acute chronic multiple complex catastrophic or life-threatening illnesses combat stress residuals of traumatic brain injury community adjustment addictions and other health problems * Coordinates care with multiple providers across all levels and sites of care Addresses psychosocial as well as medical needs of patients and their families/caregivers through participation in multidisciplinary patient care management practice * Evaluates care and outcomes to ensure the most appropriate and effective care and services Attend leadership meetings Administrative responsibilities * Provide individual counseling 573-882-9861 marriage/family counseling and group therapy for individuals and families with mental illnesses substance abuse/dependency issues sexual abuse issues and relationship problems etc. (adolescent and adult clients) Diagnose clients following DSM-IV criteria (full and part-time) 800 North Providence Suite 104 Work in High School setting, 40% geriatric population inpatient setting, 60% adolescents and young to middle aged adults inpatient and outpatient setting * Provide individual, family, and group psychotherapy * Complete bio-psychosocial histories * Provide treatment plans * Provide aftercare treatment plans * Provide discharge summaries * Refer patients to outpatient therapist in various communities * Perform emergency room assessments * Facilitate involuntary commitments working with the Cole County courts and sheriffs department * Work with Public Administrator's office and attorneys for clients that are deemed incompetent by law and who have no legal guardian * Network with community and statewide healthcare agencies * Schedule coverage for emergency room call service * Recruit, train, and supervise call personnel and oversee ER call service * Other administrative duties Sue Wortham - Manager RN 573-635-7642 Also employed by St. Mary's Home Health to do home visits and psychiatric case management. Cathy Schaefer RN, BSN, MPA - Manager - 573-761-7070 as mental health counselor/therapist to students Provide adult individual/family counseling/treatment/therapy for marital discord mental illnesses sexual abuse sexual identity issues sense of loss issues relationship problems eating disorders chemical addictions attention deficit disorder medical disabilities and more * Diagnose clients according to DSM-lII-R and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria * Perform assessments and psychosocial histories * Teach SHARP classes for Boone County Court System Facilitate group sessions * responsibilities * Network with community and statewide agencies * Facilitate group training for parents of children with ADHD Supervisor - Lynne Baumhoff MSW, LCSW 573-874-8686 or Home No. 573-875-2737 Tracker, University of Missouri Social Work Extension\Division of Youth Services Counsel minority adolescent individuals released from the Juvenile Justice Center Northeast Community Treatment Center Special Treatment Unit Group home 14 and Camp Avery * Counsel and provide leadership and direction to adolescents to help enable a smooth transaction back into mainstream society * Establish a positive and trusting relationship for adolescents to confide in and help work out their problems Help adolescents find jobs * * Conduct family assessments/histories and provide treatment plans for a largely minority population * Work directly with DFS caseworkers on contract basis * Counsel families and advocate on their behalf * Network with various social service agencies (local and statewide) on agency's and client's behalf * Work with large minority population in their home setting * Provide referrals for medical prevention/intervention * Provide parenting skills, and life skills training, to teenage pregnant women * Administrative duties Program Administrator - Cathy Jensen BA, Family Studies, Social Work 573-443-8731 or Home No. 573-474-2412. Remove eyes from cadaver for donor recipient * Remove lens and cornea for research * Extract blood to test for viruses and diseases Record medical history * Conducted pre-trial investigations and patient admissions Facilitated group therapy sessions * Researched and conducted social history assessments * Counseled mentally and criminally insane patients Inserted catheters Performed CPR on all code victims Set up traction for patients * Assisted surgeons in operating room during surgery Supervise staff of five Provide treatment plans * Planned and implemented daily activities for behavioral disordered mentally retarded children adolescents and adult population. * * Provide in home care for hospice patients * Worked in hospital setting with all patient population Supervisor - Shirley Wilson 573-499-4433 or Home No. 573-443-0306 Supervised and monitored twenty five halfway house residents





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