Kimberly P

Administrative Assistant - 8 Years of Experience - Near 08724


Administrative Assistant


Brick, NJ

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High School/GED

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KIMBERLY PURDIE 104 SILVER DR. BRICK, NJ 08724 908-910-8915 OBJECTIVE To obtain, as many, new, old, or indifferent knowledge, within a medical surrounding, that is always, learning and teaching, colleagues, brilliant ideas. versatile, medical environment, so, I'm able to acquire, new, old, and/or unknown anomalies, within a medical setting. I want to be, more than capable, of utilizing, not only my experience, but also, to strive for, excellence, to benefit me, further, in my career, of the medical field. RELEVANT SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE • Ensured customer satisfaction while simultaneously making sure, my unit, was running smoothly, for my nursing sstaff, as well as, physicians • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, • Knowledge of Web Development ( Java, HTML) • Usage of Google Analytics • Knowledge of medical terminology, medical procedures, as well as, laboratory tests • Excel, in doing, numerous jobs, at once, including, answering, and transferring many phone lines PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Dedicated, nursing unit secretary, for over 5 years, who provides, exceptional clerical and administrative support, to nurses, physicians, and all other staff members, within the job setting. Also, provide, the best service, to my abilities, to the residents, and their, family members, within the unit. Exceptional communication skills, being, the personal liaison, between, not only, the nursing staff and patients, but also, the physicians, and their patients. Knowledge of medical terminology, familiarity with, Hospital and Subacute, standards, methods, and medical procedures, as well as, comprehension, of essential lab testings. With over 8 years, background, in facilitating, patient care, by, overseeing, administrative aspects. CORE QUALIFICATIONS • Knowledge of relevant computer programs • Medical terminology • Eminent clerical ability • File management • Superlative interpersonal and teamwork skills • Patient care distribution • Authority in ordering supplies • Trouble-shooting • Time management • Experience EXPERIENCE Meridian Healthcare Systems Ocean Medical Center 725 Jack Martin Blvd. Brick, NJ 08724 732-840-2200 Access Service Representative~ March 2011 to April 2014 • Maintained 99% accuracy rating. • Collected co-pays and deductibles. • Ensured HIPAA compliance. • Completed registration quickly and cordially for all new patients. • Prepared patient charts, and consent forms as necessary •Registering patients that come in the Emergency Room •Greeted ED patients, with a positive, and polite manor, assisting with any questions or concerns, they may have had • Identifying each patient with a unique, wristband, that has the patients general demographics, on the wristband • Each patient is given a unique, medical record number, as well, to distinguish, each and every patient’s, medical history, individually *Each patient, would be interviewed by an Access Service Rep, gathering patients, general and personal information, for the hospital, medical, and billing reasons Meridian Healthcare systems Meridian Subacute @ Wall 1725 New Bedford Rd. Wall, NJ 07719 732-312-1808 Unit Secretary - May 2007 - March 2011 • personal liaison, between, nurses, doctors, and patients, and family members, who may have any questions or concerns • made call outs to attending physician, with any questions, regarding patient, general medical questions/concerns, medications, or order • assisted in making, consultation, follow up appointments, or any procedures, that could not be done, within the facility •arranged all transportation, any patient required • ordered any supplies my unit may have needed, i.e, paper, pens, folders, charts, wristbands, etc • ordered and stocked, any lab supplies, that were needed, I.e, blood lab tubes, blood cultures, culture swabs, butterfly needles, tourniquets, culture swabs, etc • recorded daily, some weekly weights into patients chart Answered and directed, phone calls, to precise location, for multiple phone lines. Assisted with over 2,000 physician orders, annually, including, medication, physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, and home care N Personal liaison, between, unit patients, nursing staff, and physician Facilitated, patience, determination, and persistence to troubleshoot client issues. Scheduled, follow-up appointments, consultations, and procedures, for unit patients. Arranged, transportation, to and from, facility to hospitals, doctor visits, procedures, other facilities, and to home, for unit patients. Maintained and over-sought, patient files, and medical charts, ensuring, accuracy, and organization of records. Expedited, consistent operation of a 30-bed unit. Applied strong interpersonal and communication skill in working with all levels of personnel to gain valuable insight and avoid potential problems. EDUCATION Brick Memorial High School 1998-2001 Graduated with high school diploma