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Dr. John Shigo Cover Letter and Resume --December 21, 2015 Cover Letter As a family doctor I have represented Pfizer and other pharmaceutical and medical devices companies I have promoted and contacted potential clients thru presentations and demonstrations especially to physicians and hospital staffs I have the necessary skills to discuss and explain the actions and uses of drugs and medical instrument with ease I relate well with my clients and have a keen ability to introduce and explain new products to new as well as existing potential buyers. I have an excellent repoire with people. I am a good listener and participant in discussions. I am creative in providing solutions to problems. I have professional sales and selling principles. I can present and sell new accounts and service established accounts. My command of English in speaking, writing and reading technical terms and descriptions are exceptional because of 43 years as a teacher and professor of family medicine I have taught students and fellow physicians in a personal one on one and group setting. I have worked by myself on projects and also as a team player I relate and respect opinions in team goal oriented projects I cooperate and interact with fellow employees and as well as clients I am focused and determined to be successful in my endeavors both personal or professional I am dependable, friendly and enjoy a full work schedule I am able to assess the design and requirements of a work project-- and set goals for timely and successful completion I have promoted and consulted with physicians and hospital pharmacies on OB/GYN, Urology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Dermatology medications and immunologic products Especially for IBS, Psoriasis and RA treatment and promotion. I have worked with the residents and physicians and the GI and Ob/GYNI staffs and in the treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases, OB/GYN diseases as well as Cardiovascular diseases and laboratory –CCU and Cauterization and Open Heart Lab. For the last 30 years I have used and promoted medications in these Specialties I have consulted and worked with pharmaceutical sales of vaccines and medical products I also was a investigator and speaker for introducing and prescribing of new immunological s product. I am qualified to teach, use, demonstrate and sell pharmaceuticals and medical devices and can relocate. Thank You Dr. John J. Shigo Resume Graduated Temple Medical School in 1969 –MD Worked at University of Pennsylvania Heart-Lung Team 1964—Technichian for Open Heart Surgery on Mayo-Gibbon and Travenol Bypass Machines Worked At Veterans Hospital in Philadelphia as a Lab Technician –Performing Blood Blank Cross Matching, Urine Analyses, Chemistries, Hematology Bacteriology and Coagulation Studies –Pro Times and Fungal and Parasite Analysis.—1966-1967 Temple University Hospital— Lab Tech with Veno Punctures--Chemistries and Hematology and Coagulation Studies. Laboratory Research on Viral Induced Cervical Cancer In-Situ at the Philadelphia, Dept. of Health 1965-66 Internship at the Washington Hospital Center 1969-1970 Mixed-Medical Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Hospital and Clinic, Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Private Practice in Bowie, Maryland in Family Medicine from 1970 till 1985 Board Certified in Family Practice 1978-2008 ABFP Captain, US Air Force Flight Surgeon and Medical Officer Andrew’s Air Force Base-Washington, DC Worked with Care First as a Family Physician from 1985 till 1989 in Montgomery Village, MD Started a Sole Practice in Montgomery Village, MD 1990-2012 Joined the Active Family Practice Department and Shady Grove Hospital Staff from 1990 till 2012 as an Active Admitting Physician. Recipient of the Top Doctor Award by the Washingtonian Magazine—Judged by Peers Member of the Montgomery Medical Society Executive Board 2008-Under Dr. John Young Hospice Caring Supporter thru the MV Rotary Club-1990-2015 Salvation Army supported and Boys/Girls Club of Montgomery County Supporter Recipient of the Paul –Harris Service Award-Rotary Club 1970-2015 Teaching Positions: 1. University of Maryland, School of Medicine Teaching Family Medicine-Preceptor for Sophomore and Freshmen Medical students 1972-1973 2. Georgetown University, Medical School—Teaching Junior and Senior Medical Students Family Medicine 1995-96 3. Easter Virginia Medical School—Preceptor for Family Practice Rotation –Senior Student 4. George Washington University, School of Medicine—Teaching Residents in Family Medicine Hospital Family Medicine at Shady Grove Hospital 2005 5. Preceptor for a Physicians Physician Assistant, and Lab technicians in my office 2000-2009. I have taught, instructed, promoted and demonstrated pharmaceuticals and medical instruments. Laser and office surgery. -- DR. JOHN J. SHIGO