Danny L

Painter, Paperhanger, or Plasterer Helper - 10 Years of Experience - Near 77095




Houston, TX

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My Career objective is to obtain a position, in a Chemical Refinery, Oil and Gas /or Business Operations industry that can enhance my professional skills with an opportunity to have hands-on work experience for future growth in the Business/ Oil and GAS/ Technology Industry. Subsea Engineer working on an international based project C-Mar America Subsea Engineer May 2013 - Present * Maintaining the Blow out Preventer (BOP) and Drill through Equipment (DTE), Diverter and associated subsea equipment in accordance to the Preventative Maintenance System (PMS) guidelines. * Assist the Senior Subsea Engineer with operating and pressure testing the BOP on the surface and on the seabed as required. * Direct the deck and drill crews in the running and recovery of the BOP and Marine Riser equipment. * Disassemble, assemble and test the BOP and E/H control equipment as required. * Work alongside the Subsea Engineer with maintaining and testing of the choke and kill * Assist the Senior Subsea Engineer with operating, maintaining and testing the hydraulic connectors. * Maintain the BOP handling equipment, testing equipment and wellhead equipment. * Operate and service of the bridge cranes and hoisting equipment. * Maintained the drill string compensator and CMC as required. * Ensure the riser system is serviced and tested as required. * Assist the Senior Subsea Engineer in operations and maintenance of the diverter system and running and handling tools. * Collaborate with third party companies in operating and maintenance of wellhead running/retrieval test tools as required. * Maintain accurate daily logs relevant to the subsea equipment and report any issues to direct supervisor which may affect the safe running of operations. * Providing help with the Senior Subsea Engineer in identifying jobs which may require to completion of a client specific risk assessment. * Participate along with the Senior Subsea Engineer in completing client risk assessments. * Serve as liaison with subsea manager and client representatives. * Comply with C-MAR policies and procedures including those surrounding travel, timesheets, client feedback forms, project reports, timesheets and expense claim forms. * Comply with HSE requirements within the scope of C-MAR's the client's and the Drilling & Oil & Gas Industry location requirements. Cameron Drilling Field Service Technician November 2011 - April 2013 * Plans assembly procedures, following specifications - Removes small quantities of metal to clean parts or to produce close fit between parts - Drills, taps, or reams holes - Aligns components, and bolts, screws, or rivets them together - Installs moving parts, such as shafts, levers, or bearings, and work them to test * Free movement - Bends and installs pipe for hydraulic systems - Aligns and meshes gears in gearbox to assemble system of gears - Tests or assists in testing operation of completed product * free movement - Bends and installs pipe for hydraulic systems - Aligns and meshes gears in gearbox to * assemble system of gears - Tests or assists in testing operation of completed product * Assist Berwick with the assembly of the shipping skids for the SSL stack * Conduct the shear test on the AKER/1 we opened up the blind installed the test shear ram installed the new shear ram in the LBS then we closed UBS and LBS * Assist with the measure the making of the hydric lines and installing more frame work on COSCO stack * Assemble of all stacks on the stack pad and making hoses * Install the frame work for the ATTWOOD stack LMRP * Install the spool adapter on valves so the piping can be fitted up for the prep work of the ATTWOOD * Review relevant documents/revision levels for inspection. * Review routing to verify all operations completed/signed off. * Perform setout inspection and report when required. * Input setout report into routing system * Monitor/inspect welding, joint fit-up, etc. & input report in routing. * Dimensional inspection per drawings & update routing operation. * Cleanup, correct stenciling, etc., as necessary. * Perform required NDE per BOM. * Inspect parts prior to customer witness and stage awaiting customer witness, where requirements Schlumberger Product Center Technician II December 2006 - January 2011 * Work on wired line drill pipe * Was a Technical worked on bits, work on all the facility/rig equipment * Perform derrick-hand duties were to mix drilling mud watch pumps during drilling activity * Review all test plans on the floor loop and erosion facility portions of the project * Ensure all equipment is working properly during testing * Monitor test pressures * Troubleshoot any failed equipment * Mix drilling fluids (LCM) * Running test in the chemical lab