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Mechanical Engineer

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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Proficient in Microsoft Suite (Excel, Access, Project, Visual Basic and Vision) * Advanced level in MATLAB, C or C++ language, 3D design with Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis software (CATIA), Solidworks, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tool (ANSYS CFX), Photoshop * Strong project design and implementation skills * Able to work well in a team and individually * Strong communication (both Mandarin and English), critical thinking, and problem solving skills as demonstrated in, class presentations, extracurricular and undergraduate projects ACCOMPLISHMENTS Courses Projects University of Windsor Capstone Project: To Participate in and design a low-speed, single-stage axial compressor made entirely from 3D-printed part, model the blade as a beam with a simple cross section for which analytic relations for natural frequencies can be found by using ANSYS CFX and plot the result on a Campbell diagram and calculate the out-of-balance force of the blades. To cooperate with the instrumentation group to figure out the type and location of the probes required to obtain the required measured parameters given in the design specifications, with the equipment provided to the project. Dynamics Course: Cooperated directly with team members to design and make a catapult, solved existed and potential problems in details as well as examined its maximum range and accuracy. Stress Analysis Course: Designed and prepared a sealed box, tested its compressible property and measured the capacity by applying stress analysis in order to ensure the working condition. CATIA Course: Model and constrain the parts and assembly for the several engine components, to simulate the motion of the engine as the crankshaft spins without consideration to time and adding a formula to implement the time based kinematics associated with constant angular velocity of the crank. To fix at one end of the engine, apply the material and do finite element analysis for the engine in order to observe its degree of deformation. Assembly/components drawing, Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis is completed using CATIA. MATLAB Course: To design a program which is used for calculating the mass flow rate of water and plot the diagram. The system is under the steady flow and constant specific heat condition. The temperature is under the certain range. RELEVANT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING EXPERIENCES Circle 5 Tool&Mold, Internship Student January 2014 - August 2014 485 Silver Creek Industrial Dr. R.R. #1, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 4W2 * Participated in the modification of design drawing with VISI and the manufacturing of molds responds to the requirements of customers. * Provided data transfer between companies by converting the document file for the blueprint to a VISI file and sending the file to the correct directory. * Operated different kinds of CNC and EDM machines to process the mold and edited the tool path to machine different kinds of components.





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