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Civil Engineer

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Qualifications My responsibilities as a Professional Engineer have included the planning, design, permitting, contracting, construction, inspection and maintenance of public and private site developments, roadway, drainage and stormwater management facilities. Ever mindful to produce value for the client and my employers' investment in me, my attentiveness and value engineering leadership have yielded millions of dollars in cost savings to my employers' and permit customers' projects. As a regulatory engineer, I coupled an adherence to engineering standards with a keen sense of customer service. I was effective assisting my engineer customers' success by helping them obtain both rule compliance and to achieve their project objectives, often with cost savings to their clients. Beyond a duty to perform engineering functions with skill and integrity, an engineer has a professional obligation to build-up the capacities of those following in the profession. Hundreds of engineers have attended my training sessions. My position as a state drainage engineer gave me many opportunities to speak at professional conferences and luncheons. My greatest rewards came as I watched colleagues and those I mentored stand up for better things as I gave them guidance and led by example. Assigned Managed a small staff responsible to operate and maintain the streets and drainage systems in a small, but growing, town. Created a system of drainage mapping and analysis that improved our response to customer drainage complaints. to the Community Development Department of Nakhon Phanom Thailand. Performed topographic surveys and designed small concrete spillways to help impound stream water for use by villagers to grow crops during the dry season. Designed and facilitated various other assistance projects including construction of a biogas generator a beekeeping project and a windmill project. Created and edited a newsletter for fellow volunteers. Established good relationships with my Thai co-workers and the many other Co-op Engineer assigned to City of Chicago Deep Tunnel and Reservoir Project. Monitored project budget attended and kept minutes for all meetings with the client and performed proofing and some drafting work