jesse b

Sheet Metal Worker - 8 Years of Experience - Near 98682


Sheet Metal Worker

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Skilled in the basics of all HVAC residential and commercial construction process and maintenance. * Understand complete comprehension of blue prints layouts all specifications needed for a HVAC project along with the authority chain of a construction project. * Has the knowledge of all the procedures needed to handle different duct systems used in the HVAC Industry. Knows how to size handle cut bend thread and fit all different materials from sheet metal gas pipe to PVC pipe and install all HVAC equipment. * Has the Skills and Ability to teach and train apprentices. * Proficient in the basic theories and principles of electricity and HVAC. * Understands basics refrigeration systems concepts as well as the basics of gas and oil heating systems AC/heat pumps systems low and high pressure boiler and chiller systems. * Possess all necessary tools for HVAC sheet metal installation. * Conscience in observing all safety precautions protection devices and the need to emphasize safety procedures. * Knowledgeable in the operation of how fan and compressor motors operate. Strength in recognizing analyzing prioritizing and solving problems with strong organizational skills which emphasis the attention to details. thorough Dependable and resourceful employee * Works equally well independently or as a team player.